Accomplished fitness milestones

Some people’s fitness milestones involve a lot of endurance. Anything from running marathons, to completing an Ironman triathlon. Both of those give me the willies and I have absolutely zero interest in both.

I do have to say, I have definitely got involved in more things than I had ever imagined myself. I am lucky to have a strong, and healthy body. To be able to do the things I enjoy doing.

Two years ago, after my Boyfriend’s second Ironman Canada triathlon race, we drove to Banff. We ended up hiking this one mountain called Mount Fairview. It was awfully steep, and took an insane amount of courage to get to the top. In fact, I cried the whole way up hiking on that one because it was so challenging. The air got thinner as we progressed and of course, knowing my Boyfriend he had to pick the most gruelling one of all.

I hated every moment that I was doing it.

That all changed once I reached the top. It was a surreal moment where I felt on top of the world. It was an incredible feeling of accomplishment, just being up there in the quiet mountain tops that were snow covered, while a few kilometers below it was a hot summer’s day. I wanted to stay up there for hours. It was just unbelievably breathtaking, relaxing, and so gorgeous. I will never forget those moments.

Here we are on top of Mount Fairview, in Lake Louise! It was a 2km/3km hike but we gained 1km of elevation. So it took us 2.5hours to reach the top. It was nuts, but insanely beautiful.

Getting down was also tricky! I’m sliding down on my bum, since Mount Fairview was too steep for my liking. Had no idea Scott was taking this photo — looks pretty funny.

Beauty ol’ Alberta, Canada. Hey?

My recent milestones is keeping up with CrossFit WODs. Never have I imagined myself lifting weights, training like a gymnast, running on the clock, getting stronger after each WOD, and keeping it up for nearly two years! It’s a huge accomplishment on my part, since I sign up for yearly gym memberships and barely last 4 months. Like I said in previous blog posts, you gotta find that niche you’re really into, and it doesn’t seem like work. Make it fun!

What are some of your significant fitness milestones?

As you know I’m part of the Sport Chek’s #MyBetter campaign. I wrote this blog post to share with you all, and hopefully inspire some of you to reach your goals. Go out and achieve them! Create adventures for yourself. Even if you hate it while you’re doing it (like me, crying all the way to the top. But never regretting my decision!). Everyone has all sorts of goals when it comes to being healthy and fit. Stay inspired. Stay motivated.

This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. My most recent fitness accomplishment is keeping up with regular yoga classes. I added them into my running/cycling routine, and it was thing I’ve done for myself in a long time!

  2. Beautiful pics! I’ve done the butt slide before, too. No shame! :)

    My recent fitness accomplishment was overcoming a knee injury and getting back to running. I’m gunning for a PR this weekend!
    Happy Fit Mama recently posted..The First SnowMy Profile

  3. What a beautiful adventure climbing must be! I’ve never done it but need to! I’m a marathoner, fresh off the Marine Corps Marathon. My fitness challenge now is to change it up in the off-season!

  4. You are doing AWESOME! All of your milestone are such accomplishments! Keep up the good work, girl! I’d say my biggest accomplishment is just keeping up with workouts in general. I love working out, but I hate the gym, so I’ve found things that I’ve liked to do that help me keep fit, and I don’t get bored in the gym :)
    Mila @ Tales From Th recently posted..Homemade Coconut Dijon Applesauce, and a new home for some awesome kitchen appliances.My Profile

  5. Those photos make me miss hiking! There isn’t much around us now in Texas… :( Great post- it’s so important to find what you love. Glad you are sticking to CrossFit! I fall more into the endurance category… as for accomplishments, I’d probably say my first triathlon this summer and overcoming my fear of the water!

    Nancy says: Congrats on overcoming your fear of the water. I’ve heard from SO many people that that’s truly one of the harder parts of
    a tri! Yikes. :)

    Laura recently posted..To marathon, or not to marathon?My Profile

  6. Oh that hiking picture is beautiful! I’ve never tried it but I’m sure I’d cry too. ;) My recent milestone is keeping up with weight training. I love it!

    Nancy says: LOL “I’m sure I’d cry too” … oh man, it was so brutal.

  7. I was so lucky growing up in Calgary that Banff was in my backyard. Your pics bring back lots of happy memories as we continue to play and travel in the Western National Parks… love it.

    Nancy says: Crazy scenery there. When I stepped off the airplane in Kelowna (then went to Banff after the fact) it looked straight out of an old Western movie… the backdrop of the mountains looked so fake. It was incredible!
    Elle recently posted..Thursday Things…My Profile

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