What keeps me inspired?

I have a big ol’ sweet tooth that everyone knows about. In order to have a few sweet treat indulgences I need to keep working out! Haha. It’s the honest truth. 

Also, working out isn’t just for fitness for me, though that of course plays a huge factor, keeping healthy and active. But it’s a big social part of my life. I’ve established some great 10+ year long relationships with friends that I met through climbing, running groups and now CrossFit.

Here’s Kerry & I, we both attended a wedding in Newfoundland over thanksgiving. Kerry is one of my long-time climbing friends. I don’t know how many years we’ve known each other. But I’m going to go with over 9 years?!

Old photo of Trev & myself at one of his birthdays at the climbing gym no less. My best bud (who I met semi-through climbing, semi-through friends) for 12+ years!

I’ve even taken new friends to the climbing gym with me. Hi Steph, miss you! She’s in Zimbabwe right now and gets back next month.

I always need to remember “You’re only one workout from a good mood”. So true! Working out also keeps me much more alert and I really do have much more energy when I work out throughout the week, than on those weeks where I skip.

It doesn’t hurt that I have a boyfriend that works out (even more!) than I do – so I almost get a sense of regret if I don’t work out as often as I had planned. Seeing him strive, reach his goals through hard work really pushes me to be a better person in life. Stay motivated, and to stay on track. 

How do you stay inspired and motivated?

I wrote this blog post to share with you all as I am part of the Sport Chek’s #MyBetter campaign.I hope it inspires some of you to reach your goals. Go get’m tiger! Stay inspired. Stay motivated.

This is not a sponsored post.

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Accomplished fitness milestones

Some people’s fitness milestones involve a lot of endurance. Anything from running marathons, to completing an Ironman triathlon. Both of those give me the willies and I have absolutely zero interest in both.

I do have to say, I have definitely got involved in more things than I had ever imagined myself. I am lucky to have a strong, and healthy body. To be able to do the things I enjoy doing.

Two years ago, after my Boyfriend’s second Ironman Canada triathlon race, we drove to Banff. We ended up hiking this one mountain called Mount Fairview. It was awfully steep, and took an insane amount of courage to get to the top. In fact, I cried the whole way up hiking on that one because it was so challenging. The air got thinner as we progressed and of course, knowing my Boyfriend he had to pick the most gruelling one of all.

I hated every moment that I was doing it.

That all changed once I reached the top. It was a surreal moment where I felt on top of the world. It was an incredible feeling of accomplishment, just being up there in the quiet mountain tops that were snow covered, while a few kilometers below it was a hot summer’s day. I wanted to stay up there for hours. It was just unbelievably breathtaking, relaxing, and so gorgeous. I will never forget those moments.

Here we are on top of Mount Fairview, in Lake Louise! It was a 2km/3km hike but we gained 1km of elevation. So it took us 2.5hours to reach the top. It was nuts, but insanely beautiful.

Getting down was also tricky! I’m sliding down on my bum, since Mount Fairview was too steep for my liking. Had no idea Scott was taking this photo — looks pretty funny.

Beauty ol’ Alberta, Canada. Hey?

My recent milestones is keeping up with CrossFit WODs. Never have I imagined myself lifting weights, training like a gymnast, running on the clock, getting stronger after each WOD, and keeping it up for nearly two years! It’s a huge accomplishment on my part, since I sign up for yearly gym memberships and barely last 4 months. Like I said in previous blog posts, you gotta find that niche you’re really into, and it doesn’t seem like work. Make it fun!

What are some of your significant fitness milestones?

As you know I’m part of the Sport Chek’s #MyBetter campaign. I wrote this blog post to share with you all, and hopefully inspire some of you to reach your goals. Go out and achieve them! Create adventures for yourself. Even if you hate it while you’re doing it (like me, crying all the way to the top. But never regretting my decision!). Everyone has all sorts of goals when it comes to being healthy and fit. Stay inspired. Stay motivated.

This is not a sponsored post.

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Adventures at Sport Chek

While I was in Newfoundland, my best bud Trev and Sandra, my sister-in-law went to one of the two malls in St. John’s to do a bit of shopping. I didn’t realize Sport Chek had completely took over one entire section of the bottom level!

The place was massive.

Since I had a gift card to spend and we had about an hour to burn before picking my nephews up at school, we had a ton of fun taking photos of one another playing dress up.

Winter hats anyone? Trevor ended up buying the orange version of the hat he was wearing in this picture!

I love just being silly like this with Sandra and Trevor. We were laughing constantly! So very much needed. I loved being home.

Sandra and I both loved this one coat, but it was a little out of our budget. But soo toasty warm.  I couldn’t justify buying a white coat, I’m so clumsy and I’d probably get it so dirty. Dirty white coats aren’t the prettiest. lol

This grey one was my absolute favorite and it’s by FireFly no less. I kept going back to it, even when I tried it on again in Ontario!See? I just love it. Plus it’s super long, so that the wind doesn’t drift up your back on those cold winter days. B-double-uh-rrr… Brrr.

One thing that impressed me, and completely took me by surprise, was that Sport Chek now sells climbing gear. When did that happen?!

Gri Gri’s, harnesses, and rope bags!

Plus, these cute little s-biners for your chalk bag or to use on a key chain. Aren’t they adorable?

You may recall that Sport Chek sent me an inspirational kit, including a new set of Zoot sneakers. Which unfortunately ended up being a smidge too small. I think they’re a small make to be honest! I’m always an 8.5 but my toes were squished up at the front. When the Boyf and I got back from Newfoundland we made the trip to the only place in our area that sold Zoot sneakers at Sport Check: Toronto. Luckily, we had more things to do in Toronto that day than just return the sneakers and drive back all the way home.

Look how fancy the Sport Chek was in this area of Toronto!!

Trying on a variety of different sizes to see which ones I should exchange for.

I’m going to do a comparison post about these Zoot’s and the Nike Free’s, coming up this week. Stay tuned for that if you’re interested.

I didn’t spend my gift card at the first two Sport Cheks (St. John’s/Toronto locations) and it was burning a hole in my pocket! So this weekend the Boyf and I went to our local Sport Chek and again… had more fun trying on stuff. I’m easily amused, I’m tellin ya’.

My boyfriend tried on this massive winter coat from the men’s section, then thought it’d be funny if he took a photo of me wearing it. I look so tiny! Betcha I’d stay warm in that, all winter long. Haha!

I felt like the pilsbury dough boy in this down-filled one — hence the face I’m making.But now that I look at the photo, it kind of fits well…

I ended up buying some of my favorite sports bras. Nike makes a few different kinds of bras, but the dri-fit one’s are my main ones that I wear to CrossFit. They’re tight fitting, but don’t budge, if ya know what I mean. When the boyfriend was taking this shot of me, a sales associate came up right behind him saying to us both “Doing a little photo shoot?” I immediately turned a shade of purple and mumbled something. I should’ve told her about my blog, but I was so caught off guard that I got embarrassed.

Your Better Starts Here.

I am part of the Sport Chek campaign called #MyBetterMVP / #MyBetter. Selected Canadian bloggers were sent an inspiration kit to help us reach our personal bests. Sport Chek has reached out to a lot of athletes in all sorts of areas of fitness. Everyone has all sorts of goals when it comes to being healthy and fit. I’m here to help people stay inspired and motivated.

Thanks Sport Chek!

How do you stay motivated?

Are you buying a new winter coat this year?

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