Do things that scare you

Climbing at Yosemite.

Packing up your life and moving to a new country.

Forcing your shy reserved self out there to meet new friends.Megan Nancy

All things that can terrify the heck out of you, if you let it. I guess I can only tell you from my experiences and my lessons I’ve learned in life. And everyone’s life is different and won’t be jumping all over the continent like my husband and I. On that note, I do want to address a few things.

It’s okay to do things that scare you.

She who is brave … is pants

K, back story. Always a back story. I hate going to the dentist for instance. Primarily because every time I go I have to get major work done. However, I never put off doctor appointments (as much as I want to). Health is so important to me, especially since my family is riddled with cancers. It’s important to get checked out regularly right? Just like it’s important to grow as an individual and not be so scared all the time to try something new.

Since moving to California I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to truly think about my life. Where I’ve been. How far I’ve come. I didn’t find California to be a hard transition, mainly because when I moved out of my parents house in 2006 I actually moved to another province, a 3 hour plane ride away. What’s great about living in the silicon valley or bay area is that you have to realize everyone is transplanted here. Often times when you speak to someone they too are from elsewhere. Everyone seems to be in the same sort of spot as us. So I find it easier to meet friends down here, than it was to meet then when living in Ontario.

BeachA lot of self exploration. A lot of self discovery. A lot of awesome feelings, friends, adventures and events. I’m so happy here. Lately I’ve been trying to live in the journey. Taking things slow. Not hurry up and get to a certain destination. I don’t want to wish my life away because at almost 35, I often ask myself….where has the last ten years gone? I still feel so young. I mean…ha…I look and act pretty young so there’s that still. Crossing my fingers I still age as good as I’m doin’ right now. Know what I’m saying.

I’ve always been the friend, way before social media who carried around a point and shoot camera and took pictures of everything and anything to capture those memories. I tried my best not to go hog wild with my cell phone pics and really sit back and enjoy the moment.

YosemiteChallenge yourself. It’s tough but it can only help you grow as an individual. You do what you gotta do man. Otherwise life is going to move on whether or not you like it.

My dad and I had a chat about my youngest nephew being a lot like me. But I mentioned he was quieter than I thought I was at his age. I told my dad, I remember being that annoying kid. But luckily, being biased because he’s my father, said I’m just louder when I’m comfortable around someone, and still very much reserved if I don’t know you that well.

Did you know I snort when I laugh super hard? I do man. It’s embarrassing a little, but it also makes me laugh even harder til I cry-laugh. If I’m having a bad day, as silly as it sounds junk food will always‎ make me crack a smile. Loves me that McDonald’s feed or a cold Starbucks drink.

ElCapStep outside your comfort zone. That’s when the fun begins. Don’t be afraid to ask things for yourself. Say hello to the people you want to chat with. And if they say no to what you ask, or snuff you off…then frig them man. I wish I knew so much of this when I was younger. I guess this means I may be gaining a bit of wisdom in my ‘old age’ ;)

And really, I must repeat myself: really don’t sweat the small stuff. I keep telling this to a couple of close people around me hoping they’ll come to realize that these little things don’t matter all that much. Keep your relationships healthy. Chat to loved ones more frequently. Call your parents, and call your siblings.

I will always make time for the ones I love. Because I’m starting to realize live really is too short. You lose people along the way, and sometimes you don’t get that second chance with them.

Do things that scare you. You’ll be really proud of yourself once you accomplish something like that.

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  1. Such a great post Nancy! I lived in the same small town until I was 25 and since then I’ve lived in another city and another country! I feel like my life is so much more exiting and rewarding after taking those risks that probably seemed nuts at the time. You’ve done the same, moving away from Newfoundland and then to California! And you have such a fun and adventurous life because of it. Way to be brave!!!

  2. I used to hate the dentist too because I also used to go and end up needing serious work done. But now that I go more regularly, things like cavities are caught before I need a filling. The key for me was finding a dentist that made me feel comfortable. I actually like my dentist. Never thought I would say that!

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