I haven’t been to class since Tuesday afternoon. I’m not procrastinating as much as I was last year. I’ve got all my assignments done two weeks ago. Tuesday was my last class because on Wednesday one of my teachers was feeling ill, so everyone in class drove 1½ hours to a community where we’re taking photos for a term project. Thursday he was sick again, so nobody headed in. Friday we only had a 2hr class in Multimedia. We were using that Friday morning as a studio time to work on the assignment we had assigned to us on Monday or Tuesday whenever it was. I was finished, so I didn’t have to come in. I feel like I’m doing something wrong, like I’m skipping off, or pretending I’m sick when I’m really not. I haven’t done homework, or been to class in a long time. With all my time off – I did nothing. I went to the gym 5 days in a row. Did full body work out 3 of those times, and the other two, I ran 1 mile and did abs afterwards.

I’m kind of nervous to be graduating. As everyone else would be too. I feel like I’m not good enough or I have no sense of imagination. I don’t know what to make anymore. I need more Illustrator projects to be working on. I want my portfolio to blow people away, and fight over who wants to hire me. The thing is, I only want a job in a certain part of Ontario. I hope there’s positions available for me when I’m finished. When do I move? Do I move before I get a job? Do I move in with my boyfriend after being away for a year? Ahh!

Gah. Enough talk about that. DJ Dayhota was in town spinning last night. I think this is her fourth time in Newfoundland. I’ve seen her DJ twice. I wanted to go down and ask her if I could take some portraits of her, for my photography project, but I was dropping by 11pm. I hung out with a few friends and walked his little puppies in the park. I spent no money – which is what was needed. Dayhota would’ve cost $12 to get into the building, and then I’d want a few drinks. Nope! I don’t even drink that much anymore. I’m not really ever in the mood. If you’re not in the mood to drink, and you have a few – you’d be wasting your money and not even really having a great time. I’ve got a flask here, that someone left and told me to keep. It’s been sitting there for over a month. Retarded.

I gotta jet. Time to hop in the shower and get ready to go out to supper at my cousins house, with the ‘rents.

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