Last exam

I wrote my first and last exam this morning. It was in Digital Imaging, and it was fairly easy, since I’m a fan of Photoshop. We had two things assigned to us. 1) piece together a scanned in, ripped up photograph with scratches on it. Time consuming, but fairly simple. 2) We were given a logo, and a large photograph which had Merry Christmas written in, on the dark spots haha, we had to clean that up too, and make a 6.5 x 6.5 newspaper ad. So we had to know the linescreen and stuff for that. Some people walked out of the exam, pretty brutal. I feel bad for them, since a lot of them studied SO much, and so many terms. All I did, was play around in Photoshop for the whole term. I guess that’s why I found it kinda easy.

My first indoor soccer game (of my life) is on Saturday afternoon!! I’m pretty excited about it, there’s 8 girls who were on my soccer team this summer who are on my indoor team now. AND my old coach, she’s so lovely – and has so much confidence in us, when we feel like we suckass, she totally brings us back up. She’s an amazing coach.

PROCRASTINATOR. I have to get back to my business plan shortly. Babysit Friday night, Soccer saturday afternoon, Cousins Christmas party on Saturday night, and Soccer sunday afternoon. Hectic, but fun. :P

Happy Holidays ;)

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