Time for a stretch! I’ve got twelve pages written up for my business plan. It’s coming along nicely. A few more days and I am d.o.n.e.I get another break later on this afternoon, I’ve got my shorts on right now, underneath my comfy pants. I’m playing my first indoor soccer game today, with my old team mates. But there’s blowing snow out today, I hope soccer doesn’t cancel; keeping my e-mail open just in case.

I was going to upload my term project for Flash, since I edited my last name/address/personal information out, so I could upload it. But I think I only saved it onto the school’s server, and not my little usb key so I could bring it home and show all of you. Whoops. Maybe I’ll save it on Tuesday when I have to go in and pass in my last project of 2005.

Alright, back to business plannin’.

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