Oil spills make me vom

It’s such a shame when oil spills happen. The BP (formally known as British Petroleum) global energy company which just so happens to be the 3rd largest global company in the world. I can’t even imagine the oil spill lawsuits that will and has been happening.

Back in the summer of 2006 BP closed down all of their oil operations due to the corrosion. There were over a million liters of oil in Alaska’s North Slope. This insane eruption has caused havoc amongst everyone involved, and especially effecting people all around the world.

Then if you haven’t heard, just this past April an offshore rig off the Gulf of Mexico exploded and sank two days later, killing people and causing another massive oil spill. It threatened a large part of Southern USA. It was estimated that the size of the leak was about 5,000 barrels per day.  That is just absolutely absurd! A second smaller leak was later estimated to be releasing 25x that amount and possibly be one of the largest oil spills in history.

Absolutely wretched to think about what this does to our water and the wildlife that must live in these waters. I can’t imagine what other types of hazardous waste is going down oil well shafts.

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