Term complete!!

I can FREAKIN’ RELAX. I am finished all of my assignments for the TERM!!! Pheewwfff.

I played soccer again today. There’s only 5 players per team including the goalie, on the “rink” (it’s like an ice rink because it’s so bloody cold) at a time. We had 5 players to begin with, and one girl had to leave before the first half even ended. We were left with 1 goalie, and three of us out there. We lost, bad. The other team had 10 or 11 players, so they had a full team of substitutions. It was wicked, they were running all over us. The sides of my ass is sore from running, haha!!

Last night I went to two Christmas parties. I had some apple martinis; Oh they were delish. Umm.. alright. I’m gonna go upstairs and relax for the rest of the holidays. IRELAND SOON!

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