Diorblush Light & Contour



diorblush-swatchDiorblush Light & Contour sculpting stick duo is a two-in-one cream product. That’s what I like. Even better when it’s from the luxury line of Dior. You guys already know I’m a huge fan of cream products on my face. They apply, and wear more natural than powder — on my face, especially due to my dry skin. You might’ve already seen these in action if you came across my Look Of The Day: Dior Skyline from mid-August. They are such an easy product to apply with one swipe to the cheekbones and a highlight along the orbital bone, you’ve got yourself a nice chiselled, or natural look depending on how much product you apply.

I have two of the three colours available (swatched above on the left is the 002 shade, and on the right is the 003 shade), it also comes in the 001 shade, too.

Because it is a two-in-one I feel as though it’s definitely worth the $48 CDN price tag, especially considering the cost of Dior’s makeup for one piece.

How should you apply it?

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Dior-brow-headerI’m not sure that I can get any happier with my eyebrow products. I’m almost finished my third pencil of Dior Diorshow Brow Styler in Universal Brown, and then I fill in the beginning part with an Hourglass Arch Brow pencil to soften the look. While those two slim pencils are quite travel-friendly, I have something that you’ll want to keep out on your vanity at all times, and not put in your makeup bag because it’s too pretty.

This beauty:Dior-All-In-Brow-3D

Move over brow pencils, there’s a new product in town, and it’s here to stay!

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Dior Diorshow Pro Liners (Waterproof): Review & Swatches

Liners-HeaderGuys. Be so so careful with these liners. As I was taping them down to my marble-cutting board shown above, the bottom liner broke off. Too much force for me angrily trying to get them to stay put in their place, while I photograph the beauties.

You might be asking yourself, didn’t she already do a Dior Summer collection? And you are certainly correct. That was the Milky Dots Collection, and now a second part to that is the Dior Diorshow which I posted a video about yesterday, showing the entire collection.

Dior-FlatIt’s a purdy one. Then again, when is Dior ever ugly?

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