Barely got the V2

I uploaded some climbing videos tonight. Nothing spectacular. I SUCK at bouldering now. I barely got this V2 I did tonight. Got a 2 month membership now, may as well take advantage of it!

It was my brothers 28th birthday yesterday. I only talked to him for about 5 minutes though, because he had to “leg it to the store” haha, them Irish folk crack me up. He seems to be doing a lot better, we were laughing on the phone yesterday. It’s good to hear that now.

Last night, Trev and I hung out in my basement and re-arranged the furniture. It looks so much bigger now, without my Dad’s drafting board, and his filing cabinet. The drawing board is now a headboard for my bed. It sits upright, and I covered it with a puffy blanket, and over top I put a sheet. It looks friggen deadly now b’y. The space is so much more open. I think today or on pay day I’m going to go to Staples and buy this nice glass desk for myself. I don’t want to use that huge industrial wooden desk anymore, it’s down in the corner of the room now, it just took up too much space and it was like the main focal point of the room.

Scott is coming home in 16 days! I can’t contain myself today. Some days I’m just retarded with excitement to see him. Maybe I’ll calm down by climbing tonight or something. I haven’t received an e-mail from my soccer coach, since last week. I hate how we don’t have schedules, and we have to rely on e-mail for out games. Bah!! Stupid.

I downloaded Jack Johnson – In Between Dreams CD last night, and burnt it off for the car. It wasn’t what I expected from him anyway. I’ve never listened to the guy. I describe it as a male version of Norah Jones, but better. I really enjoy the cd, but I just thought it was different type of music, just by looking at the album cover, and Jack Johnson’s name.. I dunno.

Two more days til payday…Two more days til payday…

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