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Organizing-Your-daily-lifeI’ve caught the planner-organizer bug! More like, I needed to get my s**t together because I have a forgetful mind, and I’m getting to that age where I need to write everything down it seems, otherwise it just won’t happen. How’s that for keepin’ it real!

2015-planner-from-TargetI bought a thin and flimsy paper planner from Target right before 2015 rolled around, and I’ve been using it ever since to keep track of everything I have on my schedule, from blog posts going live to doctor’s appointments and my workouts. All colour-coded including ‘cute’ stickers. Although it may not look as organized as some of the hardcore planners out there, it works for me. If you’re so inclined, let me walk you through my planner! Parts have been blurred out due to personal information being on them.





Pens-in-Daiso-striped-caseInk colours:

  • Black = blog posts written & scheduled
  • Pink = YouTube videos scheduled
  • Green = Workouts
  • Blue = events & appointments
  • Purple = Chores (I usually rely on my notes posted on the fridge for this instead now, which is why you rarely see any purple ink)

Stickers-for-plannersSince I’m a visual person, I like to have a variety of interesting things happening on my planner. The stickers are either from Organized Chaotic Fun or Charm Tape, which are both Etsy sellers.


Mini-journalMost days I have ideas for blog posts, youtube videos or groceries popping up in my head when I’m out and about, so this mini leather journal is a great additive to my purse, especially since it’s so small, these two are from Paper Geek My (along with the pen and adorable mini tassel!).


Customize-leather-journalsYou can customize it too from Paper Geek My on Etsy. I have my points and gift cards in here with a notebook on the back side. The one I’m giving away has two notebooks in the leather journal, which can also be replaced once you use it all up.

Mini-Leather-notebookOne lucky winner anywhere in the world can enter my giveaway to win the mini leather journal, with a mini tassel charm in the colour of their choice (just not the red one I have on my notebook). I’ll also include 1 cardboard pen, and some tear drop paper clips. 

Giveaway is open until 12:01am PST Tuesday July 7

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want to buy any of the items listed above I’ve linked all the sellers to where you can get your goodies:

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  1. I am super OCD with my planners! Every beginning of December I buy a new Moleskin planner (2015 is probably the 6th year?) and go to town. It’s the best time of year for me haha. Everything in there is color-coded (birthdays and anniversarys, work events, races, sporting events, you name it).
    Sheena recently posted..FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015My Profile

  2. Those planners are sooo cute. I love the little tassels. If my planner weren’t so big I would look into getting tassles like that for mine. I also like the card holder that you have to keep all your cards with the mini journal. So cute.

  3. This is so sweet! I love your planner and the little stickers are so cute, I especially love the bunting. I wish my planner was as jam-packed as yours! Can I just say, your photography in this post is beautiful too, love the styling. I only use my planner for keeping track of blog things but I need to be more organised and incorporate family life into it too.

  4. What a cute organizer! I love how you color coded topics to group activities. My daughter would likely steal the stickers from me, and they’d probably end up all over the walls in my house as opposed to in the notebook. I’m a big fan of physical lists though; I’m a bit old school, I use boring ol’ yellow post-its for my to-dos. But those tassels…. so cute!! Funny, as I have a tassel necklace DIY scheduled for next week. ;-)

  5. I love how organized your stuff looks! I tend to fail at planners and become a total procrastinator staying up until 4am some nights blogging, realizing at the last minute something is due. I just bought a new planner in June but couldn’t use it until this week as it didn’t start in July (Just my luck). Mine certainly is not as cute or with as many features as yours!
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  6. I need so much help in the organization portion of my life it is not even funny! I have a calendar/planner, but it’s not half as cute and organized as yours is!

  7. I love the planners from Target! I may or may not have a few of them for different purposes. Also, those tassel journals are adorable! What a handy thing to have in a purse!

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