The deluxe referrals

Everyone’s jumping on the referral bandwagon it seems.

A Loose Button Luxe Box was the very first monthly subscription filled with girly deluxe samples of makeup, perfume, and chocolate. I’ve done a monthly review on YouTube since I first subscribed to them back in April. It used to be that you’d get a Luxe Box for $10 a month. However, recently they’ve jacked up their price to $12 a month now. I wasn’t too impressed with the change, but they did send a few nicer things last month, including a full sized hand cream. I gave most of my Luxe Box away to my co-worker (hey Julie!), because I didn’t like the scent of the coconut hand cream, and the earrings since they weren’t my style. Watch my unveiling of August’s Luxe Box here:

The bandwagon seems to be that when you refer friends, you get freebies. For the Loose Button Luxe Box, if you refer three friends you’ll receive a month free.

Honest opinions though? I still vote for Glymm Box as it’s $10 a month, and when you refer your friends you earn points. Points to put towards getting items for free at their shop!

As of right now, both the monthly subscriptions, Glymm and Loose Button are only available to Canadians. American’s – if you’re reading this you can subscribe to your very own called Birch Box. I’m not sure how expensive it is, but I do know that the samples are way smaller. Yay lucky Canadians getting deluxe samples!

I’m not sure if I want to keep signing up for both deluxe monthly box samplers — as my Loose Button expires on September 30 — and my Glymm expires after I get my October box. Though, it is kind of fun receiving little treats in the mail like that. But then again I’m paying $22.00 for those treats.

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