How to complain on your blog

Alright, remember the time last week when I posted about Blogging Etiqutte and for you to check out Hollaback Health? Well I’ve spent the majority of my free time reading on their website.

I wrote a post a week prior to finding Blogging Etiquette and wrote my own Why I read (or unsubscribe from) your blog.  A couple of people who read my blog told me that they too want to get into blogging, and would like some tips. Well everyone, these tips are for new and old bloggers alike.

How to complain on your blog

Oh yes..

Some of my favorite snippets from the blog:

Good complaining: “I saved up for a month and finally splurged on a pair of Lululemon yoga pants, only to spill hot chocolate on them the first time I wore them!”

Bad complaining: “I just bought three new pairs of Lululemon yoga pants because the ones I bought last month are starting to look a little faded. I was wearing one of the pairs at the skiing event that Healthy Cocoa Co. flew me to to write about and I spilled Healthy Cocoa Co’s cocoa all over them. I’m sooooooo pissed!”


Don’t open every post with a complaint in the form of “Sorry I’ve been MIA!” followed by a long list of your responsibilities. Oh, I’m so glad you’re back — I can now end my hunger strike! Seriously…shhhhhh. Just move on. If every week it’s the same (“So busy!”), it gets old. We’re all busy, but no one is forcing us to blog. So unless you’re doing a post about improving one’s poor time management skills, just don’t bother.

Awesome. You can read more here.

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  1. Well said. We are ALL busy…it gets old when some people seem to be speaking from an oh-so-self-important platform. “My life is just SO BUSY…how do I even make time for anything…like blogging?” Blog, don’t blog. But if you do blog, make it interesting. Don’t complain & don’t just tell me why you haven’t been blogging — unless it’s interesting! — Excuses sound lame, & I know a lot of people who could tell me why they haven’t been blogging [people who don’t have blogs].

    Nancy says: “Well said” Wasn’t it? I loved it, and had to share it with everyone.

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