Virtual glasses on my face

Who knew something like this existed? I suppose I would’ve never known because I personally don’t have the need for glasses.

But holy moses, isn’t this a neat feature? Randomly, I found it on Peal Vision’s website, the try-on-tool. I had tons of fun on it clearly. No I’m not getting paid to post it, I just seriously found it. I’ve always wanted glasses — but seeing all 13 pairs of glasses on me (it took a while, lol) I came to the conclusion that I don’t like glasses on my face. These are my “favorites” and I quote because I don’t love them…

I think the 3rd photo in, from the top looks decent. Other than that, meh…I really don’t think I like glasses on me. Glad I have better than 20/20 vision.  Sorry — totally a weird post but I thought it was cool enough to share!!!

Anyway, I’m off to a BBQ at the other branch today — should be fun, and HOT. 45ºC. Then probably do some document management software update there after. Or something….?

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  1. Hey Nancy, totally unrelated to your post. I saw on twitter that you’re having issues with deleting emails from gmail on your ipad. I had the exact same issue when I switched to my iphone. You have to turn archiving off. Go into your account settings for gmail and set the Archive Messages to Off. Hope that works!

    Nancy says: Ah thank you!!!!

  2. Like the first one in the second row. I think the ones you picked are too wide for your face..not that it matters since you don’t need them …lucky you!!

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