My Mazda 3’s snazzy newer-self

2016-mazda3For the past few months I’ve been itching to get into a newer version of my car. So I finally got the chance to review the 2016 Mazda 3 (hatchback).

I guess you could call my car ancient by this point. I bought it in 2008, it’s a 2007. It’s still my favourite car and I’m not ready to part with it. One because I kinda got that soft-spot for my very first car, and secondly I can’t afford an upgrade right now. That and I wouldn’t be sure what else I’d purchase next!

Alfie-peekingIt’s been a few weeks since I handed it back and I already want it back! So many nice upgrades have happened over the last…. well, decade really.

Alfie-in-drivers-seatAlfie and I went on a few fun adventures in this car. Remember when I took him to the Los Gatos Library? It was in this car :)

selfie-with-Mazda3As a lifestyle blogger I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty details of the vehicle since I’m definitely not a professional car reviewer, nor do I claim to be. I just know which cars I like, and which I don’t! Plus, as I’ve stated before, it definitely helps driving around in newer cars for a good week, to get a real good feel of the vehicle, and give a proper opinion to those looking into purchasing. I mean, test-driving at dealerships for less than an hour is really tough, to make that huge purchase decision, ya know?

I’m digging the black rims on the 2016’s, definitely an upgrade! But what I don’t like with most cars these days (“these days”?… I sound like an old fogy) is that many of them come with those huge touch-screen things with built in navigation. I prefer to use my cell phone for relying on maps to get me places, so that’s fine and dandy but it’s also a huge dust-collector in my opinion, and as a person who loves to keep their car clean — I dislike seeing all the finger prints. Again, just being nit-picky here.

Mazda3hatchI feel safe in this car. From my 2007 version, to the 2016. Hopping onto the highway and getting up to speed is my favourite part, it definitely has some giv’er to ‘er. And since I have an older version of the 2016 Mazda 3, parking was a breeze. It seemed a little bigger than my car (wider maybe?). I don’t know, I didn’t check up on the specs. Either that or it’s the white interior making it look larger. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a pretty compact hatch too though. Ugh, I love it.

I honestly think hatchbacks are my kinda cars. I see myself looking and admiring other brands of vehicles, only in hatchback form. Guess I love that round little bum on them! Hah!

Lake-and-Mazda3Mazda’s are fun vehicles to drive. It’s why I bought one, and continue to ask for them for review over other brands. But I have to admit, the seats aren’t the most comfortable for super-long drives (anything above 2-3+hours makes my butt hurt lol). But hey, being honest.

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