What a day to change around my winter tires. Here’s a little story for you all to enjoy…

My car had been sreaching/squealing 3x in the last two months, and of course I’m in the car alone when it happens so it’s hard explaining exactly where the noise is coming from.

Since it happened a few times recently, I decided to cart around my small digital camera to record a video of the noise when it happens next. I pulled out my camera to record it once, but I didn’t end up hitting record after all. I guess that’s what happens when you roll down your window, stick your camera out while driving to capture some noise. All the while people are covering their ears from the noise. Omg people, I know. Stress levels here. Can’t you see me turning red?

Anyway. I got the Boyf to bring my car into the mechanic this morning so my mechanic wouldn’t have to drive 15km back/forth to my work and waste my own gas/mileage. Instead, I took the bus into work – first bus stop which was close to my house and already I made the mistake of not wearing some sort of splash-pants. Do they still make those? I don’t care I’d totally wear them. I had a rain coat on but my pants and boots were soaked right through. Some man was also waiting for the bus and he shared his umbrella with me while we waited together. How nice was that?!

So I’m on day 6 of my paleo challenge. I plan to write up a full blog post of my week on Sunday. Stay tuned for that if you’re interested in seeing absolutely everything I ate this week. Every. Thing. Hey, I didn’t even cheat once – you proud or what? Go ahead, wave that candy in my face. I won’t eat it.

k. Onto the outfits of the work week. ootwwEnjoy your Friday evening! I’m off to make some salmon, asparagus and sweet potatoes.

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  1. Cute outfits! I think my favourite is Wednesday because it’s so bright & fun! My eyes immediately went to it :) x
    Ps, the screeching noise could potentially having something to do with your brake pads. I know I had to get mine looked at because it made weird noises at the most random times while driving.

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