My hair routine, with Kérastase Initialiste

I’m very particular about my hair, and I have been taking great lengths (heh) to keep it healthy since January 2012. Right now I’m washing it 2-3 times per week. I end up washing my hair on Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes (most likely) Saturdays.

The night before I know I’m going to wash my hair, I coat the ends with Josie Maran argan oil then sleep with my hair in a high pony. I go through my regular hair washing routine which is grab any type of shampoo that I see in the shower and use it.

Upon stepping out, I wrap my hair up in a towel and let it set until it’s just about dry. From then I use a wooden wide tooth comb that I bought at The Body Shop more than a few years ago. Sometimes I take my time and I graze through my hair ever so gently with the comb. Others? I’m ravenous and in a hurry and just comb from top to bottom. Tsk tsk tsk, I know ladies. There’s always a concern with my delicate hair — it breaks sometimes since it’s so fine! I cringe, hunch, and make a sour face when I hear my hair get stuck in my wooden wide tooth comb and I hear this “SNAP”. Dangit! I tried so hard this wash. All I can do is clean off the comb and try to be more careful. Next time.

Then, my friends — we have the oompf–maker–extrordinare. Meet my hair’s new best friend: Kérastase Initialiste. Ain’t she pretty?Kerastase

I wasn’t expecting to open it and be greeted with an eye dropper tool like this. I should probably explain what it is, shouldn’t I? Kérastase Initialiste is a leave–in treatment that you put in your towel dried hair. It’s the first ever hair and scalp serum (by Kérastase) which helps make our hair thicker, look shinier and become more resistant to breakage.Kerastase2

The YouTube video explains on how to apply it with the eyedropper:

Usage: 2-3 pipettes for fine hair and 3-4 for thicker hair. Since your hair is delicate when it’s wet or damp, massage the serum lightly with your fingers, to evenly distribute over your entire scalp. Like all  Kérastase products, the Initialiste smells great — like the scent of a nice ripe big ol’ green apple, if I had to put my finger on it.Kerastase-Initaliste

 Kérastase uses stem-cell technology which comes from the skincare products, this serum is another new way to take care, and baby your hair all the while it improves the quality of it by starting from the scalp.

I received this product at the beginning of March, so I’ve had quite a few hair washes since then. The appearance of my hair feels thicker when I touch it at the root, and since I have fine limp hair, I don’t notice the  Kérastase weighing it down at all. The shine, and silkiness of my hair has nothing to do with this product at all, however. I have pretty silky hair naturally and I haven’t noticed a difference in shine. Maybe I should dye my hair more often, that usually does it!

I don’t like my reviews to be all positive, and saying everything I review is the bee all end all. I do have a con about the Initialiste, it’s expensive – you can’t doubt that. Would I buy it myself for that price?

The suggested retail price for Kérastase Initialiste is $55 for 60ml and will be available at salons in May 2013.

Find Kérastase on twitter, facebook and youtube.

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