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I decided on my way to work (yesterday) that I was going in a tad too early and since I forgot my keys and nobody would be there to let me in, I stopped into starbucks and got a decaf Mocha frap. I like that you can customize those now, because the espresso they usually use in the frap’s give me the most painful gut rot. This time? None at all!

The boyf and I went to starbucks over the weekend and noticed they had some cute matte mugs. I saw them at this other location and still had money on my gift card that I won on Jeanine’s site back in the spring (still haven’t touched my Birthday card yet from Kelly. Yikes, guess I wasn’t kidding when I said I like to indulge once in a while.) Okay, so twice in one weekend.

So here are the pretty mugs, all set up for a model shot with my dollar store place mats. Looks fancy, hey? :) I have some cute dollar store bowls I should show you guys too. They’d go well with my mugs!

It hit 37º and went to 36º right as soon as I got my camera out. Clearly this picture was taken at 5:00pm and not a.m., but I was ridiculous enough to go out for a run in that weather with my running buddy! We did the same loop that I did just the other day. I could not get over the droplets of sweat that was on me after our run. Gross. But the running felt SO good.

Want to know something really random and super annoying? My shift key gets stuck down on this keyboard lately and it makes me angry. It’s taking forever to spell out certain letters than need to be capitalized, such as ‘I’.

Alright, back to the post…

Sandal tan!

Painted my nails last night because I haven’t gone for a pedi/mani in over a month. I’m not sure what I think of this blue, on my toes especially. I’m not a bold polish person. But it’s China Glaze — For Audrey. I bought it on Ebay for much cheaper than it sells in stores. Speaking of Ebay. I made a purchase last night and got Essie – Van D’Go and OPI Drip Dry (which supposedly works wonderful).

Fingers were nice and nude colored, classic and the way I like it. I like it when someone else does them for me though, I’m a sloppy applier.

To get this perfect shade that I love so much I had to use two different polishes. Base coat was Elf and the top was Sally Hansen. I find that Sally Hansen polishes are fairly crap, and require multiple coats (like 6…) to reach the desired result. But putting a ‘base coat’ color on like Elf’s Fair Pink (for just a buck!) helps make the colors more achievable.

Colors on their photo shoot.

The shades.

Future Shop was having a Canada Day sale on their website for one day only. I ended up buying the Boyf and I (he picked them out for us) two mice.They arrived yesterday.

Mice Nerds.

Lululemon happened to have a sale on Saturday night. Maybe it was Friday. Either way, it was ridiculously good. On my runs, I either wear my Run: Empower Crops (I have two pairs and one pair are just too unbelievably tight on my stomach that I cannot stand to wear them on a run. But I can wear them working out), and my Run: Zoom Crops, which conveniently have a zippered pocket in the back. Well, they all went on sale — so I decided to get a second pair of Zoom’s for 50% off…. I told my running buddy about it too, and I purchased her a pair. They’re so comfortable. They haven’t arrived yet but I can’t wait!

I’m not sure why they’re shown mid-calf rise. But they just barely cover my knees.

The Lululemon sale is still on, check out your loot section!

Here’s a snap shot of them from the website. We bought them in black, I already have the ones shown. Maybe they’re coming out with a new color scheme which is why they have this ginormous sale? Hope so! I want some more loose fitting tanks (which I so bought a few months ago).

Oh, and a new product to review! Exciting!! Stay tuned for this one ;)

Have a good Chewsday! (Who says Too’sday? Anyone?)

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