25 min 5k?

I woke up at 5:30am today and scheduled my previous post to upload right as I was finished and waiting for the awards ceremony, teehee…

We started out towards the front of the pack, after many bathroom breaks before the race started we ended up being a smidge late to line up on the track. So I just picked us to go in towards the front. The national anthem was sung, and then we were off. First kilometer was fine, pretty swiftly at a 5:14/min kilometer pace, and we kept it up. Right before the half way mark there was a hill, and I didn’t even notice it. My breathing? Totally normal. Probably like I mentioned I’m much better at the first half than I am at the second.

The turn-around was closer than I thought – if you were doing the 10k you kept going down the road, and I thought we had much farther to go. Thankfully the first water station was around there too. I grabbed the water and swirled it around in my mouth and spit it out like one of those fountains lol. Hopefully nobody behind/beside me minded. I knew that if I swallowed it, it’d be jiggling around in my stomach and sloshing around. The second water station was about 20 feet away in case you missed the first one. That one I just grabbed a water and splashed it on my neck and face.

My running buddy was awesome coaxing me through the second half. We did the 10 and 1’s and walked twice. The second time I really needed it and I was really slow on my walks and should have kept a faster walking pace. My running friend kept YELLING at me (I love that though) to c’mon. One km left, right? She totally lied to me because I’m like alright, 1k left – not so bad. Then we were running for a while and I see the 4k banner. I looked at my watch and we were at 22 minutes. However, stupid me starts to panic. That’s where I died, I slowed down my pace (stupid stupid) and wanted to walk AGAIN. I’m like, no my boyfriend told me to just keep my legs moving and I’ll get my way there. I told my running friend to take off on me, which she did and I’m glad – because I didn’t want to slow her down. She’s ROCKING at the end of her runs, where as I die.

Anyway… the finish line comes up and I’m going at a snails pace. I don’t exactly know my time or minutes per kilometer yet because they’re not posted online. But we had to run around the every sooo long 355 meter track to the finish line. A few meters before the finish I saw one of my running friends from the gym and she yelled out to me C’MON NANCY… and that’s where I picked up my pace, for the last few meters of my run. I saw the digital sign and it said something about 28 minutes. But I’d like to know my official time and whether or not I was faster on the first, or second half. SO! I didn’t reach my goal. I’m a bit bitter about it, but then again this is the first race of the season right? I should be better by the fall. We (my running buddy and I) didn’t rank too bad in our age group… it was pretty competitive within 27-29 minutes for the winners. I was also pretty light headed at the end, and don’t remember getting my chip taken off. I was super light headed, like really. I couldn’t even chat to the people who were cheering us on at the finish line until I got some water in me and cooled down. Scorcher out there today.

Maybe I’ll inform you guys once I find my race results.

I’m way too lazy to re-read and proof read this post before publishing, so if it’s all over the place I apologize :)

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  1. Girl…don’t you dare be dissappointed in yourself! You are freaking awesome for doing this! You completed a 5K! And you were scared and intimidated by it…now you won’t be. You know you can complete the distance and you know how it feels! I am really very very proud of you Nancy! I think you did awesome and I wish I could hug you right NOW! :)

  2. congrats on completing your goal! you did great for your first race of the season!

    Nancy says: Thank you :)

  3. Congratulations on the race!!! You definitely should not be disappointed. You set a goal and even though you did not accomplish every part of it, you accomplished the BIGGEST part… completing a 5k run! And in an awesome time!!! You will get to the 25 minutes, I know you will. :)

    Congrats missus for having the drive and determination to go through with your first race of the season! Can’t wait to hear about the next one. Keep setting those goals :)

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