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Everyone should purchase the Tide 2 Go pen and carry one with you at all times. We only have one at the house and it’s always going missing. Now it’s in the kitchen and thankfully I remembered where it was because during lunch one day last week I was eating Kraft Dinner for lunch (lol) and laid the bowl on my lap while Alfie was probably getting in trouble. I lifted the bowl up and there’s this huge orange cheesy stain at the very bottom of my capri’s.

I swore a couple of times, because these capri’s from Mexx are almost like jean material and apparently you can’t bleach them. I only remembered that though, when I was already applying the Tide 2 Go pen. But it was okay – my shorts didn’t turn purple and it got the stain out immediately.

I went on the Tide website and read some reviews of people who actually disliked the product, and were pretty strong with their opinions.

1 out of 5 stars

“WHAT A JOKE, wish i never used it. had a brand new white dress that i got mascara on and i bought the tide pen on my way out. used it and now there is a HUGE yellow stain on my brand new white dress. washed my dress and the stain is very visible. so disgusted with this product…WHAT A JOKE”
– teetee, buffalo

I don’t think anything would take mascara out!?

“Twice now when using Tide To Go on a ketchup stain on white material has ended up causing a bigger yellow stain on the material. The yellow stain will NOT come out not even with a bleach stick. Think twice before using the Tide To Go….which is worse the ketchup stain or a yellow spot. I wish I would have left my brand new shirt alone and kept the ketchup stain.”

Good to know. Would have thought it would definitely taken out the ketchup. I need a book on stains. I don’t know how to remove any stains. Bike splatters from the mud on a shirt? No idea. Grass stains on white shorts from soccer? Lets hope the detergent I use is strong enough. Seriously, I need help.

But wait a sec. This person said that their ketchup stain was out in a jiffy. Who to believe?

“I was on my way to tae kwon do with my family and I had just eaten a hamburger. Let’s just say I was starving. The ketchup spilled on my shirt and I hadn’t noticed until just before we walked into the building. Having a uniform it has to be presentable at all times. My mother had tide to go in the car and we used it. sure enough it cleaned it off quick and dried within a minute. It saved me from five hundred push ups that night ^_^”

Have you ever tried the Tide 2 Go pen? If you have had you had success or disaster? I think I’m seriously going to e-mail the company and tell them how much I love that product of theirs. Maybe they’ll send me coupons!

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  1. I used it once, a long time ago. I remember it cleaning some simple stains (ie: pen) but not doing so well on others.

  2. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever owned one and I’m forever spilling on myself. Definitely going on my grocery list this week!

  3. i have one in my purse at all times…and one at home… i actually just used it this morning to get rid of some melted chocolate on my pretty white lulu hoodie! worked like a charm!

  4. My mother is the best launderer of stains–red wine, grass…you name it! She treats the stain with Palmolive liquid dish detergent then rinses…repeat. I save my red-stained tablecloth following dinner parties so Mom can get the mess out!

  5. I think it works well, but of course it’s not perfect. It’s great for when you are out somewhere and would indeed rather have that little yellow spot than the big blob of ketchup on your white shirt. I find that it works best when the stain is fresh. Clorox bleach pens are also miracle workers, but then they need to be washed right away.

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