Feelin’ weak!

So the race is over. You all are probably wondering how I did, wondering if I reached my goal of a 25 minute 5k. Well, I’ll get to that in a momento. But first I want to recap what was building up from last weeks training.

Either I was psyching myself out (which I already knew), I was going out too much, or I was getting weaker with finishing my 5k’s. The week before the race I went out with my Boyf to run the race route, I panicked and noticed he wasn’t having a difficult time doing the 5k, so I tried to speed my pace up. Even though he was the one running with me, not the other way around. I wanted to cry! I ended up doing more than my 10 and 1’s, just to impress him. Not something I recommend.

Tuesday comes around and we run a short route, but half way through we stop and do hill intervals. Race up the hill at 75% of your maximum and semi-jog down. First two times were “fine” the third time, I was like omg I cannot believe I’m doing this, why am I doing this? We have to run back to the club!

Thursday — the last run before my race we ran another route, but again half way through we stopped and did speed workouts. Awesome I thought, I’m a speedy person when I sprint — I’ll have no troubles with this. And I didn’t! I just failed to realize that I didn’t have enough energy to finish the last 2k home. I felt weak, my running buddy tried coaxing me through it telling me all sorts of things to get me motivated. Finally, about 600 meters til the “finish line”, I had to stop. My breathing was out of control and I just couldn’t get a deep breath. I was so angry at myself! I ended up walking for about 90 seconds and then picked up the pace for the rest of the jog back to the club. I knew it was all mental, I kept saying it to myself, even out loud. I just think I didn’t have enough in me due to the 4 sets of sprints we did between telephone polls. :(

I explained to my Boyf how I was feeling when I picked him up from work right after my run. He mentioned that I’m probably running too much this week and I needed to rest. So I did just that, until Sunday.

Sunday’s RACE rolls by and I…

(Dun dun dunnnnn, the suspense! Stay tuned for today’s race re-cap, later on this evening!)

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