Lost a finger?


I came across this a while ago and saved it as a draft. I decided to post it today, seeing as we’re having pizza tonight. Why not a nice home cooked meal you say? Tonight is the first night of Alfie’s obedience school and we want to eat after we get home at 5:00, and we have to be out the door for his 6:30 class! So fab. He better behave. :)

Have you made an at home frozen store bought pizza and have the crust be so crispy (the good way), that you hold onto it with one hand and slice it with the other — only to nearly lose grip and almost slice your fingers off? I’m not exaggerating when I say that it happens to me every time I pop a pizza in the oven. I always get the Boyf to run the pizza cutter over the pizza because I’m that paranoid. Dangerous tools. So,  since I still have all my fingers I was browsing on this website I thought this was a neat invention of “pizza scissors” and too cute, not to share.  Someone should buy it for me. lol. It’d definitely be a useful tool to have. Of course it’s only available in some European country though. Whatevs. It’s almost like a piece of modern furniture, except you wouldn’t want to sit on it…

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