5 Tips For More Energy

Being thin doesn’t always illustrate the epitome of healthy. Ever hear of the term “Skinny Fat”? That’s right, just because you’re thin/skinny doesn’t mean you’re fit and healthy. Perhaps you’re feeling lethargic and don’t quite understand why. Have you looked at what you’re eating? Here are some quick and relatively easy ways to have more energy every day.

gummy-bears1) Cut out the sugar
It’s obviously okay to indulge once in a while, but having your afternoon pepsi, or morning iced coffee can give you too much of a spike in your blood sugar. Causing you to have a ton of energy but then you literally come crashing down and need another ‘fix’. Not only that, sugar is addictive and clearly doesn’t do you any good. Eat a balanced diet, preferably free from processed foods. What I’ve been doing lately to curb my sugar cravings is having a few mini m&ms sprinkled in my homemade raw nut trail mix.  It satisfies my sweet tooth without over indulging.

 nuts2) Healthy Fats
Avocado, oils, and nuts are both healthy fats which keep you fueled and full until your next meal. If you incorporate these into your snacks or meals you’ll be less inclined to reach for sugary snacks throughout the day. Don’t forget you can use avocado on your salads with some homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing topped with nuts or seeds.

water-bottle3) Hydrate yourself
Did you know that you should be drinking HALF your body weight in ounces of water, every day? Weight 140lbs? You’ll need 70 ounces of water. If you have a desk job like me, grab a cute water bottle and only fill it up half way. That way, you’re more inclined to drink cooler water (I’m not fond of room temp water) and bonus? Once you’re done you get to stretch your legs and walk over to the water filter/cooler to fill’er up.

4) Most important meal of the day
Please don’t skimp on breakfast.  It truly is the most important meal of the day. If you’re in a rush, why not cook up some egg muffins each week? The Boyf & I eat two every morning so the dozen doesn’t last that long in the fridge. Have some fresh bananas, fruit or tomatoes handy and pre-washed, ready to grab and head out the door.

5) Greens
I realize the most ignored and avoided foods are the dark green leafy vegetables. But they’re the most important super foods we have! Not everyone enjoys salad, so incorporate your green veggies into a smoothie! Thrive Juice Bar makes a delicious chocolate avocado ganche smoothie that tastes just as good as a McDonald’s chocolate shake. No joke.

What do you do to get more energy? Do you have any tips?

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