I promise I’ll write about the wedding I attended on Saturday, but first I want to show you something:

Not just boots — boots with heels!

Unfathomable. Me in heels let alone boots? While I was at Winners on Friday during my lunch break, I had in my head that I needed some boots to go with skinny jeans and pants. I didn’t know if I wanted rounded toes, heels or flats, long boots or short ones. Then I came across two completely different looking boots and spent the whole hour of my lunch break trying to decide which ones to purchase. I loved them both and ended up purchasing both pairs. Heels definitely add a completely different look to your outfit. I never used to be a huge fan of heels as I’m already 5 foot 6, and I don’t want to be super tall. I definitely dislike being taller than my boyfriend but these heels put me a tad bit shorter than him still, thankfully for the both of us (both are 4″ heels).

Even my co-workers have told me that they’re proud of me! HA HA. I am so stoked and I’ve been rocking both sets of heels all week long.

Aren’t they great? Which ones are your favorite?

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  1. Those boots are amazing . The black one is fantastic! I loved all the details on it and it makes the perfect match for a jeans pants or skirt.

    The suede is so elegant and chic. I bet they would work not only with jeans but also with a cool dress.

    Congrats on the purchases. They rock.

    PS: From pictures i always had the impression of you being short. =]

  2. What about buying a parachute????. I am a nerd, excuse me, they both look great and, in my opinion, girls look ultra tall when they go over 6 feet.

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