CitySlips winner announced

I enjoyed reading (and laughing) at everyone’s comments from the CitySlips giveaway from Three’s Company. But now it’s time for it to come to an end, as 3pm EST is now here and it’s time for me to draw a winner!

But first I wanted to mention to everyone that the CitySlips aren’t for every day wear, unless you want to not have them for a very long time. They’re more for events (like weddings or going out in some fancy heels) when your feet are absolutely killing you, and you’re going to just slip on a pair of fold up flats. I carried them at the wedding I attended on Saturday night and everyone thought the black bag I was carrying was actually a clutch, since I had my camera in there with my fold-up flats! I ended up dancing in the flats all night long for 3 or 4 hours, and then walking back to the hotel, so they are durable, but I personally would only save them for special occasions like that.

So I know you’re all waiting to see who won. The lucky person that one a pair of CitySlips issss….

Congratulations once again Cinda! (She won my last contest too) Could you please e-mail me ( the following:

  • First + Last name
  • Shoe Size (S, M, L)
  • Color (Silver, Gold, Black)
  • Home address

Also, for everyone else that didn’t win — don’t forget that Three’s Company is offering a 20% discount for their online store if you enter the code: ‘spiffy’ at checkout.

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