The perfect boot

I’m on a boot kick (ha!) this year. I remember a friend and I were talking about finding the perfect pair, and where to buy them. She was even going to head to a local Equestrian shop to possibly pick some up. Which basically sounds like the most perfect idea anyone has had. The perfect riding boot!

A few months ago I was in a mall in Burlington, I popped into Zara and spotted a gorgeous boot which I really should have tried on, and eventually purchase.

Whenever I go into my local Aldo, Spring, any shoe store for that matter—I’m never satisfied the way the boot looks like on my foot. Primarily I think it’s because I want something that nobody else has. I like being different. I like wearing my Ireland bright red pea coat, but I also dislike seeing other people around me with a prettier red coat.

Envy gets the best.

Either way. I found some cute country boots from an Equestrian shop in no other place but … wait for it: England.

Aren’t they just darling? I want a pair. But I have to remember that these £ really equal a lot more $. So the De Niro – Hunt Boot Cesare With Oxford Top retailing for £ 428.94 are kind of out of the question. If I had money to blow, sure.

Want to know something neat? I just realized I spotted similar boots like the expensive (as in close to Christian Louboutin’s price range), at Zara. Zara is clearly a less expensive choice. But I still remember seeing these for about $300 at Zara. So, these boots pictured from Zara were photographed on my blackberry from November though. They probably don’t have them anymore. Do you have flat riding boots? I have a lot of heeled boots. But not flat boots. I need some next fall.

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  1. I have some that I love. I got them at the Nordstrom’s Rack…they were still around $150 but better than the $400 price rage they orginally carried.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh you are making me want to go shopping. I LOVE boots…they are my favorite part of winter:) I need some flat boots too!

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