I’ve been going back through my OOTWW archives and found and outfit I liked, and wanted to wear it again this week. Wednesday November 25, meets Monday February 7. You’ll notice the size difference of the pants in those two photos. In November I didn’t have those pants tailored!

Stay tuned for some chicken parmigiana photos/recipe and some homemade pesto made with spinach rather than basil. Yum.

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  1. In my opinion, wednesday was the best one this week. You totally rocked! Hope there’s a video! =] Also liked friday outfit because of the sweater and the belt. Loved the thin belt on tuesday’s outfit.

    PS: Monday and tuesday pants were the ones that needed to be tailored right? Now that they are “fixed”, they look and fit a lot better.

    Have a nice weekend

    Nancy says: Monday & Thursday pants are the same, so that pair is the only pair I wore this week that were tailored. Last week you can see all the pants that were tailored because I wore them 3 days in a row. Tuesday and Friday’s are the same. I bought them all at mexx and the “black” pair didn’t need to be tailored. :) That was a mouthful!

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