POM Friday . 25

I gave Alfie a hair cut about a week or so ago. Basically I botched him, and he looked a bit silly for a while until his hair grew back in (especially on his little heiny). But now I think he looks like a cute lil’ buds.

We were picking up The Guy from work the other day, and I took Alfie with me. We were parked when I was taking these photos of him, of course. But I couldn’t help but take a TON of them since he looked so cute with all the head-tilting he does when I speak to him.

As soon as he spotted The Guy, I didn’t even have to tell him he was approaching the car. Alfie started barking consistently, in a really familiar bark. Not his usual angry bark, but more of a “hey, I know him! Get closer! Come here!” bark. It was really cute. So I let him bark. Even though his barking annoys the eff out of me.

Small dogs.

Okay. To the pictures!

tiny Alfie

Alfie head tilt


Alfie the Pom

Alfie being weirdThis the way Alfie looks when he’s confused as to why we’re stopped, no sign of what we’re about to be doing. Then he gets all nervous and weird, starts panting and rubbing his back on everything, and makes this specific face. Cracks me up!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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