Trip to Los Gatos | POM Friday

explore-headerI admit, I was a little stumped as to where to take Alfie the past 2 weeks for another POM Friday post, but I knew that Los Gatos was quite pretty and I hadn’t been there in a while (besides my regular trip to Blvd Coffee one of my fave coffee spots).

Los-Gatos-Creek-TrailThe first stop Alfie and I made was to Los Gatos Creek Trail, but when I pulled into one of the many entrances, I noticed there was a daily parking fee, so after taking a quick few photos, I swung around and drove away to explore the city a little more. While I don’t mind paying the parking fee, I knew I wouldn’t be there for very long and didn’t think it was worth it for 5-10 minutes.

los-gatos-libraryNext stop on our afternoon adventure was to the Los Gatos Public Library. It’s nestled right in front of a woodsy area, so I actually walked around the grounds for a while, with Alfie (and of course getting him to pose for some photos), heeh!



2016-Mazda3I have a 2016 Mazda 3 hatch to review for the week (quite an update from my 2007 Mazda 3 hatch!) so expect more photos of it on here and on social over the next week, while I go cruisin’ around in ‘er! Some stylin.

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Merry Christmas! Love Alfie


Merry Christmas and happy Pomeranian Friday! I picked up a little velvet bow tie for Alfie at H&M a few weeks ago and thought this would’ve been the perfect time to photograph him with it, being Christmas and all! Enjoy your time with family, and friends. Wishing you the best for a happy new year too.





Alfies-bow-tieSee you guys for more Pomeranian Friday’s in the new year :)

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POM Friday is back!

Many people requested I bring Pomeranian Friday’s back — where I feature our 6 year old bossy boots Pomeranian, named Alfie. I’m sure you’re all aware of who he is, because for over half a year I blogged about his antics each Friday.

Here he is getting up to no good, hanging out underneath our ottoman in the living room. The little pillow next to him actually isn’t him! My friend back home in Newfoundland saw it, and bought it for me — doesn’t it look just like Alfie?!

Have a good weekend guys!







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