Wordless Wednesday

  1. Alfie loves cuddles!
  2. New stickers for pressing onto my nails. I’m excited to try these out!
  3. Macaroni and cheese on the balcony
  4. St. Tropez dark tanning mousse put to work! Look at the darkness of my legs.
  5. I got STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR!!!!!!!!!! (Though, it was only for about 30 seconds) It was hilarious and scary at the same time.
  6. New pink flats from Marshalls
  7. Patrick gave me a (him) going away present! Gumballs! LOL YAY!!
  8. Patrick and I, on his last day of his work term with us :(
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Wordless Wednesday: Week in photos

Time for another Wordless Wednesday! Love these, they’re so easy and you guys get to have a little peek into photos/my life that I wouldn’t otherwise post about.

  1. 39ºC in my car. Roastin’
  2. Taking Alfie to work since it was too hot in our apartment. Look at him smile!
  3. Heading to CrossFit to get my workout on :)
  4. Nachos at L’s house!

Next set of photos? Girls night at L’s house!! I love doing these sort of things during the summer months. It’s what makes summer. L invited Julie and I over to her house one weeknight last week and we had drinks and made our own nachos. I think it was the most brilliant idea ever, for snacks. She purchased these tinfoil pans and we each had our own pan to build our layers and layers of nachos. All sorts of toppings were added, from chicken, bell peppers to all sorts of colored tomatoes and then of course cheese on top. Soo ooie gooie and then cooked on the BBQ! Amazing. My belly has never been happier (that evening). Ha!

  1. Oh you know, hanging out inside L’s kids SUPERHUGECOOL tree house.
  2. A better perspective at how large this thing is. Amazing right? L has quite the handy hubs.
  3. Delisous assembly line for the nachos.
  4. All the girls and our dishes. 
  5. Nahcos on the grill.
  6. Julie and I in love with our nachos.
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