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It’s haircut time. Boy, doesn’t seem that long ago that I had a trim, does it? (Btw, why does my face look fat in those picture!?!) Initially I made this appointment a week or so after my previous cut. Man, does time ever fly by in my life. Remember when you were kids and summer vacation seemed like forever? Summer vacation is gone in the same amount of time as the distance of time between my hair cuts. Ridiculous!

I hate getting a hair cut. I always tell them what I hate that I need to do. I need to be a responsible grownup and cut off all my split ends when they need to be trimmed. So, that’s what I intended to do and of course more hair comes off my head than anticipated. Which in turn, makes me angry for 3 or 4 minutes, then I’m happy with freshly groomed hair. Until I realize I cannot put it up in a pony tail and people were like “You’re growing out your bangs? When did you have bangs?” That’s when I get angry again. I haven’t had bangs since 1994, and I do not plan on getting them ever again.

Lord jebus. Anyway, I got my hair cut this morning and he loves straightening my already straight thin hair, which is fine. Except don’t go mental with it, right? My hair looks like it’s glued to my head. No pictures, until it’s washed again tomorrow and styled by yours truely. :)

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