Banff Film fest!

Holy hanna it’s insane outside today. -18ºC but the wind chill makes it feel like it’s -28ºC. Guess there’s only so warm you can really get. I even have two pairs of socks on, with leg warmers! Still cold!

For the last 15 years, right after the Holidays are over and everyone is slowly getting back into the routine of things I’ve been going to the Banff Film Festival which is usually in mid–January. I think I’ve only missed one fest in ’05, because I was trying to get this boulder problem that I was working on for weeks prior. I think I got it on the evening of the festival. Such a great feeling.

Last year I ended up being in Ontario for the festival, and they’re a bit stindgy up here! Back home we get to see two showings (The World Tour, and Radical Reels), and in Ontario they only had one showing in the city where I live, and the next night is in a city an hour away. But this year they decided to have two showings in my city. Horrah! Anyway, I guess I should somewhat explain what exactly the Banff Film Festival entails.

Each year The Banff Film Festival receives thousands of video and documentary submissions from all over the world highlighting hiking, biking, climbing and water sports. The fest is show in over 100 countries. They’re going on their 76th year in ’09. Each city shows different videos, and of course they’re different each year. Usually the fest that comes to your city is usually a 2 or 3 hour night out with an intermission, and really awesome door prizes (like Mountain Hardware jackets, Yearly memberships to places, trips to some place, and even hiking boots). Videos/documentaries that range from 2 minutes to 1 hour, so it makes for a great night out full of pumped up adrenaline, creative thought, lifelong learning, and some tear–jerking very touching videos. I have not once been disappointed by any of the showings. Some of the ones that they show do not peak my interest, but I mean I can’t absolutely love everything that they show, lol.

I bought two tickets for two nights worth, so those evenings I’ll be booked up with boyfriend. Oh yea. Definitely can’t wait. You can also see if it’s coming to your city. I highly recommend you go check it out, since it’s only $15 a ticket. Also, there’s a YouTube sneak preview for this years Fest: Check it out!

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