Dying of cuteness overload.

First of all. I wanted to say that the gym just about did me in yesterday. I love how much the classes have changed since I went to the gym last. New teachers, and a different routine every time we attend a class. Yesterday I did a strength class, which consisted in too many lunges, squats with weights, triceps stuff, push-ups and jumping jacks. As soon as the class was over, I had to head out the door to pick up the BF at work. The “aerobics” room is in the upstairs part of the gym and I know people were wondering what was wrong with me, tip toeing and feeling a bit wobbly-legged coming down the stairs. Today I felt worse. I almost wanted to take the elevator to get to work today. So, I’m not going to my wave-machine class this afternoon as I don’t think my poor legs can handle anymore activity for a few days!

Okay, so ever since we came home from vacation (lol, all this week)  my BF and I have been constantly talking about getting a pup. I can’t hold it in anymore!! I want a puppy this weekend!


(found on google images: “Chihuahua Pomeranian mix”)

[image found on meadowlane puppies] – This is the little guy we’re looking at getting!!!

I miss my dog Peepers back home in Newfoundland. When Scott and I were in the shuttle going back to my car from the airport there was a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix sitting next to us and it was the most hyper, friendly, playful dog I have seen in a while. I freaking LOVE dogs and am in dire need of wanting one soon. At the moment, the apartment we’re in now is a bit too small for two people so there’s stuff that the pup (or dog!) could get into, and that wouldn’t be so safe. Scott was showing me photos on Kijiji of all sorts of adorable cute mixes in the Toronto area (see the puppies here, and here) moses… I can’t get over that they’re asking $400 and $500 per pup. I’d personally rather rescue a dog from the pound of course.

I have grown up with dogs unlike Scott, and I know they take a lot of work but I never really knew how much work it was since I had my first dog when I was just a baby. I got my second dog in 2001 and it took a good full 6 months of training her every day to go out to pee, not have “oopsies” indoors, teach her to sit, no bark, give paw, and “ask” to be let out (scratch the door lol). I took full responsibility in feeding my dog, getting her shots and clipping her nails on a regular basis — you have to start them young! Peepers doesn’t mind getting her nails clipped at all, and she actually loves to get brushed. However, she hasn’t had a bath in a while and she’s terrified of the fact, mainly because it’s been ages and I guess its slippery in the tub. She does love being bathed outdoors in the summertime with the hot sun shining down on her and the luke warm water sprayed over her.

Puppies are a lot more work than dogs. Puppies are honestly like having a new born baby around. Not that I know what that’s like or anything, but I remember being up a few times per night, each night with Peepers when she was just a tiny pup. I even slipped up in some wet doggy poop on my bedroom CARPET once. That was awesome, especially at 3am just waking up to go pee. Puppies require patience, and rewards when accomplishing things.

I want to just go out and pick up a doggy bed and toys for our non-existent dog right now! I’ve always had a soft spot for short haired Yorkshires, or even Chihuahua’s, but after seeing the Chihuahua Pomeranian mix a few days ago, I fell in love with all small dogs lol.

We’re pretty serious about “adding to the family” (har har) so to speak. I think a puppy, or full grown dog would be so sweet. I’m already thinking of names! You can’t beat my dog’s name back home though: Peepers. Or BF’s hedgie’s name: Boris. Can you tell we like cute/funny names? We have one picked out but I don’t want to tell people yet (haha it’s almost like I’m pregnant, and know the sex of my baby and won’t tell people).

Have a great day!

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  1. OMG. I will never get a dog again, I am soooo much more of a cat person.

    Dogs are 1000 times harder than a baby. I was always told the opposite but I can now say that that was a LIE. Babies are easy. :)

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