Bike class journey

I went to my first cycling class at the gym last night.

After just six minutes, I felt like leaving the class.

I thought I had a tiny bit of endurance at least! But I really haven’t been a fan of biking my whole life, I was more involved with running and sprinting/stopping and going. It was a beginners class and thankfully there were guys just as clueless as I was in the class. I was fiddling with my seat height and adjusting the bars on the fitness equipment, when I finally didn’t know what one of the levers were for. The guy’s guess, jokingly (I think he was joking at least) said he didn’t know — maybe it was a TOWEL RACK!! I nearly fell off my bike with laughter.

The class was scheduled to be 45 minutes long. I don’t think I’ve seen the clock move so slowly in my life, but thankfully after thirty bloody painful minutes on the bike I got my second wind. Oh is it ever so wonderful to get that second burst of energy. I could never keep the cadence up to 100 rpm like she wanted us to, especially on setting number 19! It only goes to 25! After the class was over, the guy next to me whispered “and I thought this was a beginner class!” I could barely speak, and I nodded and wheezed out “I know hey?” I was dead by the end of it. I kept coughing the whole night because — you know the feeling if you run outside in the cold? Throat burn? That’s what I had all last night and it totally seemed like I had bad smoker’s cough or something.


I’m glad that cycling doesn’t leave you in pain the next day. Kind of makes me want to go back for a second class. At least the instructor — her first time teaching spin class, with her huge quads; apologized to us after the fact that she made the beginner class harder than it should be. Ooops?

Oh. And that “towel rack” lever? I found out after, it was to put the resistance up to a more difficult level.  ;)

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  1. I hate these cycling classes at the gym. I do them sometimes though, but i prefer riding a bike on a real environment. And since it’s so warm here, i always end up swimming after gym, so i put the cycling aside.

    By the way, here’s the adidas running skort i have and mentioned you should get:

    Here’s an old mini-review (of a different model, but the comments still apply)

    They are very comfortable, cute and better than normal shorts. I friend of mine recommended and i loved it.

  2. Okay, wait a second. You went to a spin class and WEREN’T sore the next day?! Uh then yeah, you’re badass! Every time I’ve ever taken a spin class, I was sore. I haven’t went to spinning in several years now so I’d probably be laughed out of the room!

  3. lol Jil… maybe I didn’t push hard enough. I was only going 55-60rpm the entire time. Maybe you’re the badass pushing through it and getting some excersize unlike me haha

  4. That takes a lot of perseverance to cycle for thirty minutes, especially on that setting. I know I would have needed at least five breaks.

    I have visited you on the ‘net for many years. I have always managed to lose you and then find you, but you’ve always gone by the same nick, so it’s not your fault {obviously}. Glad to have found my way back, and I love what you’ve done with the place!

    1. Hi Melissa!

      I’m so glad that you found my site again – I know exactly what you mean when people move domains, but also change their “nick names” so to speak as well :)

  5. I started indoor biking classes in October and I felt even worse as you did in my first lesson, I was about to faint but little by little I have found the strenght to attend the gym twice in a week. I bought a Polar training computer and it really helps to get my right level of intensity. I can`t wait for the moment to start again the lessons after the Christmas holidays.

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