New reads!

Whomp whommpp.

After teasing you all for some time (even though I haven’t brought it up in a while), I finally created a new recipe page for you all munchers. It’s nothing great and different that you all haven’t had before. But these are a handful of my favorite recipes that I make on a weekly basis! So go check them out!


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  1. Awesome Jen!

    Let me know which ones you try out. Eventually I’ll post more recipes, as soon as I find ones that are actually edible, and I’d have more than once… and are easy/fast, etc. (I suggest the asparagus wrapped in chicken. So easy! Just wear disposable gloves, because I HATE touching raw chicken lol)

  2. Hey Nancy! Those recipes look amazing. I’ll have to try some out with Andy! We’re always looking for new things to cook, since we make the same dinners often. :)

  3. Thanks for the recipes, I hate coming home without knowing what to fix for supper. I hope I will be able to find all the ingredients here in Spain. Should you be willing to try some awsome spanish dishes please let me know. Ciao.

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