Sigmax Makeup Brushes

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god. I. just. did.

Yes, I made a video for you all. It’s so easy for me to criticize everything that I said and did wrong in the video. But I filmed this about 8 times before I was happy enough with it.

What I meant by never shopping at MAC again was that I would never purchase $60 brushes when I could get the Sigma one’s for a quarter of the price. Know what I meaaan?

In the video I said that the F82 Flat Top Kabuki was $19, but in fact it is much cheaper at a wonderful price of $16. Buy it here!

As for my Chanel foundation? It’s totally going in the garb, or to JuicyTuesday since she’s the exact same shade as me, and I offered to send it to her, lol.

Anyway let’s get to some photos too while I’m on the topic of Sigma brushes.

Adorable little personalized note.

How my brush was packaged.

This secured plastic cap was annoying to take off. I had to get my scissors to it.

Macro shot

Showing how dense the brush is. Wonderful, no?

Now onto my face foundation. Terrible.. terrible.

What a difference two foundations make on one’s face, huh? On the left: Chanel Pro Lumiere. On the right: Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation

Gee, which look should I go for today? Death feeling, or a bit of life added to my face? See what I mean? I was swatched by Chanel’s staff twice. I just don’t think the color or finish is all that great. The coverage is fine, but I cannot wait to get rid of this foundation.

All in all, I adore the Sigma HD sigmax brushes. I’m excited to try out more!!

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  1. The Laura Mercier looks GREAT on you! You have coverage but your “skin” still shows through. The Chanel leaves a chalky look, and for that price, I expect lots more!! I used to think Mary Kay foundations did the same but I think they’ve stepped up their game a bit (though I haven’t used it in a long long time). I bought some “Make Up For Ever” over the weekend and have been trying it this week…should take some pics and see how it compares, huh?

    Nancy says: Yes! Chalky, isn’t it! I’m interested in trying MUF too. I want to ask for a sample first, since I KNOW I’m going to be purchasing the Laura Mercier.


    Where did your Newfie accent go to? It sounds like you have a southern accent, lol.

    Nancy says: rofl. Weird. A lot of newfie’s say I DON’T have an accent, and a lot of people in Ontario say I do.

  3. Your voice is super cute!
    You convinced me to give it a try. I just use the cheap brushes from Shoppers . . . time for an upgrade.

  4. Loved your video!! Not sure about the bathroom background though LOL You definitely need a bigger flat :-)

    Nancy says: Mom? No need b’y. :)

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