Christmas Party!

My work’s Christmas Party was on Saturday night and I had a ball while completely sober lol! Imagine.

I ended up wearing my sage colored dress that I received from I also got my hair done at the hair salon for the first time ever. I’ve never had an up do before! It was purdy, you can see a mini tutorial of me trying to re-create the look from yesterday’s video post.

Hope some people don’t mind me posting these photos. I know a few of my co-workers read this blog, so just e-mail me later on and I can take some of them down if you wish.

Here they are! Weee!!!!!!

My dance partner in crime and good friend Janine! Hi Janine :)

The retired CEO, the guy that teases me so much I can’t handle it. He’s super funny, and a great man. You’ll see further down in the photos that I was dancing with him! He’s so fun.

The ladies on the floor. Can you spot me?

My eyes are way too open. Oh well, a nice shot of my boyfriend and I.

(Click all the photos to enlarge them!) This is my favorite photo of the night. Just as I was leaving, he came over to me to say good bye and noted that I hadn’t danced with him at all throughout the night, wondering when/if we were going to do a Newfie Jig. I raced right up to the DJ asking him to play a newfie song right after the next one. Sure enough he did, and we pounded the dance floor throughout the whole song, swinging me from side to side, and doing that arm lock thing where he spins me around. I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. :)

That’s it! Those are some of the many photos from the weekend’s party.

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  1. That picture with you and your boyfriend is really pretty! You look a little like Maggie Gyllenhaal.

    Nancy says: lol ew no (at Maggie Gyllenhaal)

  2. You and your boyfriend make a stunning couple!

    And I love your red coat! (I think I have the same one and I wear it almost every day! :) )

    Nancy says: Thanks, I love my red coat. I purchased it in Ireland though so maybe it’s not the same! :)

  3. Your dress is cute. Olive is a good color for you. And I agree with the maggie comment. i think just the eyes tho. DONT WORRY- you’re much prettier :)

    Nancy says: LOL! I was about to say no to the eyes, since she has saggy looking eyes. It’s just the shape. Ew ew…

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