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Here I am, moved into a home with three girls trying to make friends. They’re all busy with their social lives and studying for whatever they study for. I’m stuck at home with the marvelous satellite television, eating popcorn for supper and feeling lonely since I cannot get my internet to work, and there’s only so many times you can call people in one evening. Last night I watched three and a half hours of television. It was entertaining to me at least seeing as I was used to not having cable and dealing with four channels sometimes none of them being in english, just to have on. A bit of noise in the house, you know?

At least tonight, and the next few days, I too will have a social/busy life. So there. Ha people! I have indoor soccer tonight, and perhaps two dates with boyfriend on Friday and Saturday, then Sunday and Monday we’re both attending the Banff Film Festival (which I still haven’t posted about, apologies. It’s a really great fest. if it comes to your area, I highly suggest you go buy tickets and see the films. It’s NUTS, and so exhilarating. Okay?)

The past 3 days haven’t been great in the new place. I’m always wrapped up in two sweaters, wool socks and my down filled slippers (yes. Down filled slippers. It’s total heaven) with a blanket wrapped around me, so tightly but my nose still runs. That house? Is. Cold. Cold. Cold. I’m buying a space heater this weekend. Not a want, but a need in this place. Funny that you don’t notice the small things like… oh, how the house is so old, when you first view it. You just notice how awesome the house mates are.

So. Enough of that. I want a curling iron for really nice loose curls. A cheap, but good iron. I suck at curling my hair. I also want my curls to stay put. They fall out. I need a curling iron for diversity! Especially for when my hair gets nice and long and my stylist stops cutting off the dead ends and my hair gets longer than past my shoulders. Which, on Saturday—I am getting a hair cut. I’m trying not to frequent the hair salon. I’m also boycotting the cheapy hair cutting places (tried that out, they didn’t do much for my hair. Obviously. A $13 haircut is definitely too good to be true.) and I can only afford to go every so often to the ‘salon’. Which in turn makes my hair have split ends from not going as much as I should. But I don’t want to go often, because I’m trying to grow my hair a bit longer! Never ending cycle of trying to curl my beautiful not so long hair. Please grow.

Shout out. Happy Birthday daddio!

Random. Adobe should buy PowerPoint. GAHH.

K bye!

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  1. Good luck with settling in on the new place. I know the feeling about being cold though.My apartment is drafty as hell.

    As for curling irons, I got mine from Zellers for 15$. It’s a Conair with a purple barrel..I believe it’s 1.5 inches. I have hair that hates being curled and this iron works amazingly well.

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