Hottie boytoy and orange hair

I didn’t end up dying my hair at all when I got it done last Friday. In fact, I sort of chickened out.

Initially I wanted to dye my hair all sorts of bright colors like I had done in 2005. Check out my intense orange/yellow hair. It was certainly different, and I remember getting tons of stares from people of all ages. Some weren’t friendly stares, but the people who complimented me on it definitely made up for people giving the stink-eye.

Dying my hair was something I wanted done for the climbing competition. I know, it’s weird – I dyed my hair to climb. But really, I did. I wanted to stand out, lol.

Here’s a photo of me all fake-tanned (BAD!) and dyed hair. The top had light blonde streaks in it:

And the back when I swung my hair around. BAAAAAM orange:


I guess that’s how I caught the beau. With my orange hair, it caught his eye. This is was a BBQ I held at my house and Scott and I became a couple that evening, Ha… way back then. Nearly 6 years ago (no Wedding Jewelry yet. Ahem).  Look how young we are. Also, notice that this was in June and I still had to wear a down filled vest. Oh Newfoundland.

Above photo: A few days before the “bbq”.I miss that chin scruff of his. He won’t grow it back either. Lame.

Well it was nice to reminisce, back to the photos about my hairrr.

I think I’m in need of a change. At least that’s what my stylist said he thinks I need, since I keep asking him about hair dyes. So, in March I think I’m going to go ahead with it. Go crazy again. I remember my hair feeling thicker when it was dyed too.

This was my hair after my orange/yellow streaks. I ended up going for purple and bubble gum pink. I HATED it. I think at that time, it was because I wasn’t a huge fan of pink and I totally let my stylist go while. I loved how it looked when it was faded though, kind of bleach blonde streaks randomly throughout my hair. Note that my hair was “flicked up” to the side, as the pink/purple was hidden underneath a few layers of hair. It wasn’t just BAM pink and purple…lol thought I’d let you all know that.

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  1. I absolutely LOVED your orange/yellow hair…I remember it well. I actually liked the purple/pink too…because I LOVE all things pink.
    I can’t wait to see what you do to it, I love funky hair.

  2. OMG. I LOVE THIS! That hair is so awesome. Your boy toy is cute, too! I’ve been with my boyfriend for 7 years… where are our rings, guys?!

  3. I have to say that orange/yellow looked great on you. Don’t know if i would have the courage to do the same though =]

    Don’t know if i said this before, but you make a great couple. All your photos together look very cute.

  4. Love the orange and yellow highlights!! I dyed my hair for the first time last Christmas and ended up regretting it. It looked pretty good at first, but then really dried out my hair, even though I was using deep conditioners, etc. I’m in the midst of the long process of growing it out. Le sigh. Yours looked great though. Are you considering highlight again, or all over colour?

    Nancy says: I’m not sure! But I know I want some bright color back. Maybe a full head of non-permanent color (so the roots doesn’t look all whack), and then bright bold colors on after!!!!!!! EEEE :)

  5. You are brave and of course it looks fabulous! I am a hair dye virgin…seriously. I am always too scared to do anything to it. Mainly because my hair IS SO DARK that I feel like nothing would look good in it. Kudos to you…maybe it will inspire me to be a little braver.

  6. You pull off the fun hair very well! For me, in my job, it would go over like a lead balloon! Will you get any push-back for crazy hair? haha

  7. Oh and please please please don’t put colors of the rainbow in your hair. PLEEEEASE.

    Nancy says: I assume you hated the orange/yellow or purple/pink hair then? Also – I tried going blonde. It didn’t look well.

  8. I changed my orange and yellow peek a boo highlights to bright red!!! The red has different tones but its a bitch to keep up. I may have orange and yellow added to the red. I’ve never had an issue with crazy colours in the work place??!!

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