Dairy Queen sale!? Overdose on ice cream

I’m on an updating rampage! So fun! Sorry in advance for all the posts in one day!

While I was having fun visiting the other branch at work yesterday…. as you can see from my huge grin.

One of my co-workers mentioned that Dairy Queen was having Customer Appreciation Day. Meaning 50% off everythaaang in the store!!!

I completely forgot about it, til I mentioned it after my Boyfriend and I ate supper last night. So around 9pm we headed out to a different one that my co-worker mentioned and sure enough the windows were painted and tons of people lined up for ice cream.

I ended up devouring (and almost hurling) a turtle pecan waffle thing. Hardly any ice cream, but piled with whip cream, caramel and pecans. Yum. Pre-DQ I tried on my booties that I purchased from Forever 21 on my trip to Toronto over the weekend, and started dancing with them on. If there was only a video. Either way, my dancing lasted a max of 45 seconds. So serious. Then literally about 60 seconds later (delayed reaction anyone) there was someone pounding with a stick on their ceiling, to shut me up. Like what gives? It was 8pm on a week night. It’s not like I dance every night. I was just having fun. It made me mad, and I kind of wanted to dance a little harder, just out of spite. But I didn’t.

Cute right?  “These booties were made for walking dancin”

I’m also very excited to show you all my newly hemmed/tailored pants! Once a pair of wide legged & too short wool pants, now a pair of fitted tailored one’s. I brought in three pairs, and all three look equally as nice. Ugh, so exciting. Next I’ll have to bring my boyfriend in to get his pants hemmed that he purchased ages ago. Though, I don’t think he’ll be needing to bring any of his mens ties in. Not that they tailor those — or do they.

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