It’s a chilly one

An “outerwear” outfit of the day. This photo was taken on Friday just as I was leaving work. Thought it may be cute to post up here as well.

In the striped bag? My tahari boots. I refuse to wear them outdoors if it’s wet out.
In the lululemon bag? My lunch!

I wasn’t always a hat fan, but this season I went into an Aldo accessories free standing store and picked up this loose fitting hat. The sales girl even explained to me how to wear it, lol. I love it!

I’m going to have to take the bus to work this morning. Since I’ve switched offices, and my Boyfriend is more closer to the mechanic than I am — I decided to let him take my car in this morning to get my winter tires put on. Therefor, me having to take the bus. Eee! Exciting.

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Streets of Yorkville

I would just love to spend a handful of months just walking and people watching around the streets of Toronto. Especially the uppity fashion district on Bay/Bloor.

A couple of weekends ago the Boyf and I attended a wedding at one of the University of Toronto halls and spent the next day walking around that particular part of Toronto. I decided to be a tourist and take a few snap shots while I was gazing at the stores that I dare not step in for fear that I wanted to buy a $2,000 Prada purse. Don’t want to be tempted!

I only wanted to go to two places when we were on our mini-vacation getaway to Toronto, and that was Sephora and Anthropologie.

I’d rather go to the Sephora up on Bay and Bloor area because it’s never as crowded and overly busy as the one in the Eaton Centre. The Eaton Centre one always runs out of products that you want to buy too. Plus, at the Bay/Bloor Sephora location there’s always someone to help you. I wanted to get color matched for a couple of foundations, but didn’t want to buy anything because I like getting freebies while ordering online — they give you the option from 9 different samples and you’ll always get to pick out 3 to receive with your order when you do so online.

Going into Anthropologie is a trip in itself. It’s a pretty expensive store, but you need to really love the place to buy things full price, or be on vacation in Edmonton (ahem). I headed straight to the sale rack to see what I could find. But then I overheard one female say to her mother, dressed in a faux (or was it real?) fur vest, freshly highlight hair (oh that so wasn’t real) looking quite expensive herself “Ahho mah. Mutha, I can’t get over how reasonable these prices are in here!” While she was picking up a cardigan and flicking it back down. After she put the sweater down, I pounced over to see what she was looking at, and how expensive it was. $148 for a cardigan! LOLOLOL. I laughed quietly right then and there. Of course the Boyf was with me, so he overheard and I wasn’t actually laughing like a lunatic by myself.

After I was done picking up the (Twist Of Fate) cardigan which was on 60% off its original $138 price tag that I tried on in Edmonton but was too pricey to purchase…

… we headed back to the hotel (ooh la la Marriott has nice rooms) to pick up our car and drove home. (Psst to see me wearing the T.O.F. cardigan I wore it in last weeks OOTWW.)

Ohh what a nice quick getaway to a foreign expensiveville Yorkville.

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Blogging pet peeves


What are some of your blogging pet peeves? Most of these topics I listed doesn’t bother me incredibly much, but it’s a fun way to subliminally get messages across to people, right? :)

  • Multiple blog entries with no photos! I’m a visual person − I love pictures.
  • Huge blocks of text without any paragraphs. Please hit enter.
  • I have a few sites that I would like to comment on, but rarely do because of the security feature they have on their comments section. If I have to enter a code in order for my comment to get verified, I’ll rarely comment. If you’re worried about spam, there’s a feature on WordPress called Akismet Stats. It catches all your spam so you don’t have to use that double-comment feature.
  • People who visit your blog for the giveaway you’re hosting – saying they love your site, but never return. 
  • Bloggers that just use their website to complain. I also dislike bloggers calling other bloggers out. I unfollow their blog when that sort of thing happens. Remember, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.
  • No “About Me” pages. Those are so informative, or just fun to read. Who are you?
  • Ignoring spell check. Grammar, and punctuation doesn’t bother me all that much. But please learn the basics on how to spell definitely without an “a”, and use the correct your, you’re, it’s, its … etc.
  • Partial feeds on Google RSS. I dislike clicking on websites to read the whole entry, I want to read the post faster through my e-mail. If I like what I read, I’ll visit your site then

What sort of things annoy you? Minor or major! Comment below and let me know :)

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