Time’s a wastin’

Fake or real Photo? The first time I tried this, I got 7/10. I then clicked on the “get my score” button which proceeded to tell me that if I had 10/10 correct I could go to the BONUS round. So I had to get it to tell me which ones were real, which ones were computer generated so I went back and got my 10/10 (cheating of course, but I wanted to see what the BONUS round entailed). The bonus round was exactly the same as the bloody first one! Just with less pictures. I got 4/4 on that one.

I guess it’s okay, for a time-waster. Ya?

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Squinty eyes smile

Don’t be alarmed! http://www.spiffykerms.com/smilies/cloud.gif It’s still me.
Obviously, I deleted my previous layout and installed wordpress, downloaded a new theme and I’ve been trying to tweak it – with no luck. Seems anytime I do anything to it, the darn thing breaks on me and all the links are all on the bottom instead of on the right hand column over there. I also want to create a nice banner instead of having a bland ‘simplistic’ black bar with white text showing my web url up top. I guess that will come with time. But I gotta say, updating this way makes it a lot more easier for me to come home from a day at work, and update more freqently than having to open Dreamweaver’s index.html file, copy and paste my code and then enter br’s anytime I want a new paragraph. I’m way far behind on this whole wordpress thing, seeing how when I went into my dreamhost thing, it looks like I tried to create a new account back in 2006… oops. I guess I should have saved my previous index files, with like uh… ALL of my posts from forever ago? Guess that’s a long gonerrr.

During my frustrations, trying to conquer wordpress… I came across some pretty neat blogs. I’ve updated my Blogroll and added some new daily reads to my list. There’s one girl, who resembles myself in a way. Unfortunately I do not know her name, so we’ll just call her ‘she’ for now. She too is a Graphic Designer, I read that she plays/played soccer, she climbs too! How cool is that? Keepin’ her in the links.

How good are you at spotting a fake smile from a mile away? I was completely confident in my ways, but the quiz totally proved me wrong there. I thought I was doing awesome during the whole thing picking out who wasn’t smiling genuinely or who was. Pressing the ‘play’ button to see their cheesy grins. My marks show that I got an embarrassing 11 out of 20 questions correct. Try it for yourself! See if you beat my score, lol.

Anyway I’m off to edit the design page and get some updated work on there.

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