Time’s a wastin’

Fake or real Photo? The first time I tried this, I got 7/10. I then clicked on the “get my score” button which proceeded to tell me that if I had 10/10 correct I could go to the BONUS round. So I had to get it to tell me which ones were real, which ones were computer generated so I went back and got my 10/10 (cheating of course, but I wanted to see what the BONUS round entailed). The bonus round was exactly the same as the bloody first one! Just with less pictures. I got 4/4 on that one.

I guess it’s okay, for a time-waster. Ya?

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  1. dark hair looks great on you! supposedly people say that I can wear any colour hair.. in my opinion, I can look washed out with blonde too .. i have to wear more blush/bronzer i find.

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