Mobile blogging

I haven’t googled it, or done any research on it. But I think it would be fun to blog from my blackberry. Is this even possible? I’m sure it is. What if I’m out somewhere and my nerd-radar takes control and wants to snap a photo of something to show you? Or simply write a sporadic post. Cause that’s what I’m all about.

If that’s not foreshadowing, then I don’t know what is ;)


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  1. Nerds is one of my favourites topics, and i don´t bother if people call me that name, they are soooo funnnyyyyy!!!!

  2. I love it! Especially if you’re always on the go.

    Sadly, I can’t afford internet for my blackberry right now, so I never blog from my phone (although, I use to do it a while ago). Instead, I just send tweets from my cell to my twitter account ;)

  3. I have actually blogged from my blackberry. I do everything from my blackberry, even surf blogs. To be honest, I’m commenting from my blackberry right now! Haha.

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