Be safe on the interwebs

When I was younger I was so reckless with my parents computer. By the time I got my own, it was always filled up with virus’ and had to be wiped out completely, on multiple occasions. I mean, there’s so many spoof e-mails going around where you think it’s your friends sending you an e-mail, and if you didn’t know any better you’d click on them and BAM you have a virus.

If you also have children of your own, you’ll want to have some sort of action plan on the go, such as Internet Safety Software installed on your computer. Danger lurks in a lot of places on the internet. It happens so quickly, and it’s hard to know what to do — when you don’t know much about computers. I would suggest the Spector Pro monitoring software, since it automatically provides you records of internet activities that your child would be doing. It’s like an invisible surveillance camera on your monitor! Simply put it takes a few hundred snapshots each hour, and provides  you with everything that they looked at while on the computer. You can also turn it off when your child isn’t using it.

You can learn more about Spector Pro at

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