I’m falling behind!

ootd-1I’m trying to keep my “fashion posts” updated as I now have an excuse to wear a different pair of shoes and get out of my boring clothing rut and dress in something different every single week lol. There ya have it. I chopped my legs off in this one because I was at home and my full length mirror is on top of a plastic drawer thing (need to pick up some cardboard boxes soon, as I’m moving out of this place in 4 weeks!). Plus, ooh la la my purse got in the photo this time. Ow ow sista.

So. Let’s see where all this junk is from, k?

Top: Banana Republic. I love shopping in BR when they have sales because I’m an XS and apparently they always have a TON of leftovers in XS as they apparently never sell out of it, and it goes on sale quickly. As I was told by a saleswoman. It’s super comfortable and hasn’t pilled up and is super quality. I think this was purchased in 2008? I don’t remember. Fail.
Pants: A recent purchase from the GAP at about $29.00 on sale. Score.
Shoes: Nine West from Sherway Garden’s mall in Toronto. They scuffed the first few days, and I tried to bring them back and complain, but they weren’t accepting that and now I’m stuck with them. At least they’re incredibly comfortable.
Purse: Nine West from a discount store and ended up getting this for $34! I bought this while I was home during Christmas 2008/2009(?)

Some close ups of the shoes and pinstriped pants. I should have bought a smaller size in these pants because I always seem to be hiking them up! Too late now! I also hiked up my pants for snapping the photo of my shoes. Trust me, these pants are long enough lol. Isn’t the fabric (pattern?) stripe? lovely? That’s way too many question marks in one blog entry for me. Especially in one paragraph.


Well off I go to pick my boyfriend up from the airport. SURPRISE, I’M IN NEWFOUNDLAND!!!!!!!!!!

[This ‘outfit of the day’ was worn on July 17, 2009.]


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  1. CRAZY! And NO, you cannot visit me when I’m all gross in a ugly uniform! ;)

    Tuesday? Awww, that’s not long at all! Is this a mini vacation?

  2. I LOVE that red bag. Love, love, love.

    You’re in NEWFOUNDLAND? I’m jealous. I was there in 2007, My Dad and Stepmom got married there. Went to the George Street Festival, it was so much fun.

  3. AMBER!

    WE could have totally met up!!! ACK ACK ACK!

    PS: George Street Fest is NEXT WEEKEND! I’m totally going ;)

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