A little thursday random

I mentioned yesterday, that I would tell you which of the four cars (rather, colors) I like best. You honestly don’t know how much this is going through my head. When I eat breakfast, I’m thinking about it. When I’m working I get distracted while thinking about it. I honestly don’t really know which one I’d go for. I saw a few black Mazda 3 sedans and totally didn’t like them, so I know that’s off the list right now. I love the white sedan, but the sedan’s aren’t practical for me at this time. Especially if I’m going to be moving a few more times,  and I’m definitely moving in August. So, a hatchback is just generally a better idea. I like the white hatch … I think. But the black I have yet to see in person. So hopefully, I can do that and rule it out like the black sedan lol. I also don’t know if I’m going to get a 2010, or a used one. The 2010 is a new model, and naturally with newer models, they haven’t gotten all the kinks/bugs out of them. So I think it’s best if I steer clear of the ’10s. Not 100% yet.

Soccer has started up with a vengeance. Practices are on Thursday’s, and our first exhibition game is on Sunday. But then this morning I was checking my e–mail and saw that on my other league I just joined, we have a game tomorrow night on top of all of that. Well, I’m not heading out to practice tonight, because I’ve been staying up pretty late the last few nights and I need to do an ass load of laundry. I e–mailed a guy to see if he could pick me up for tomorrow’s game. If not, I’m just going to have to e–mail the players and be like “Sorry b’ys, can’t make it yet, no ride until someone comes to pick me up.” lol…lame.

I saw State Of Play last night with the BF. We had free movie passes from a cereal box (huzzah!), so I clipped those buggers out and we went to see it. Russel Crowe is in the movie, and has a Newfoundland friend, who just so happens to be in a band that you may all know once I mention it lol. At the beginning of the movie Russel Crowe was driving and flickin’ his hands on the steering wheel like a bongo drum … and the music? Great Big Sea — The Night Pat Murphy Died. Seriously, you have to click on the link and listen to it. It will automatically bring your spirits up. You guys, I was SO excited when I heard that song. That’s big news for us newfies! I was actually doing a mini–jig in my seat, stomping my foot on the floor and slapping my hand on my knee, getting RIGHT into the music. That excited. Thankfully the theatre wasn’t all that busy on a Wednesday night. I’m sure people heard me get all giddy and excited for the guys. Way to go!

This week is going by terribly slow for me. I want it to be the weekend. I think I’m going to end up going to Toyota and test driving a corolla S, or XRS. Those are so beautiful in white.

Have a good day!

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