J.Crew adore


I really need this dress. In that exact color. I may need an augmentation to fill that out like the model does, unfortuch.

I haven’t shopped at J.Crew online before. That, and the fact our Canadian dollar isn’t that great right now. I know you sometimes make purchases at J.Crew, do you get whomped with duty fees? I really really love this dress. I wouldn’t know what size to pick out since I’ve never ever tried anything on at this store before. Fail :(

I showed my boyfriend this dress and he mentioned that I wore something similar to his engineering graduation back in 2005 (okay not really). However, the dress that I wore back then was borrowed from my best friend’s sister, and I actually loved it but for obvious reasons couldn’t keep it lol. A trip to the states in the near future is a must folks, a must.

I’m actually saving up for another year gym membership from blogging. When I get half way I’m going to meet that amount of money that is sitting in my PayPal and “match it” so to speak. I usually end up purchasing a gym membership once a year and only go for 5 months and then QUIT. This time — I WILL NOT!

I wrote it here, so I wouldn’t forget, and hopefully you all will hold me to it! :)

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  1. Oh yes, cute dress. I would also need a bit of help to fill it out like she does. I’m also pretty sure that it would look inappropriate on me and my long legs… and may make me look pregnant. But it looks great on her!

  2. I have a similar dress that should go to my knees too Chelsea, but I have long legs for my height (5’6) and it looks mini on me, haha.

  3. I make sure my order is shipped through USPS instead of UPS. I figure that I get caught with paying GST about 1 in 4 times. Rarely do I have to pay GST and duty. They got me for both last week and it was the first time since May I think.
    It’s sad that I have the percentages of my duty payment worked out. I shop too much!

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