3 gifts for the impossible to buy for

I feel like once fall rolls around, the birthdays start coming through, and my wallet is forever empty.

However, there’s always a few people on my list that are almost always impossible to buy for. Either they have everything they want, or they’re so picky you’re not entirely sure they’ll love what you pick out for them. So today I’ve compiled a small list of gifts for the impossible person to buy for (and hopefully they’ll respect the thought of the gift, if they don’t really like it. Am I RIGHT?)

PaperGeekMyVanilla White Saffiano leather cover notebook via Paper Geek My

Personalized goods (from etsy or other one-of-a-kind type of stores)
I find that personalize gifts with peoples initials, truly shows that you put a lot of thought and effort into one’s gift. I love shopping for leather goods on Etsy. A couple of my favourite stores are: Paper Geek MY (for leather journals, scrap books + stationary), Dubu Dumo (for leather tabs for your monthly planner, to neat stickers), and Mr Lentz (for awesome unique looking wallets).

GyftPointsGive a Gyft gift card
Gyft is a new-to-me mobile app (use with iOS, Android and on the web) where they basically pay you to shop, my kinda store! But let’s get technical here for a moment. Gyft allows you to store/send/receive digital gift cards with 200+ stores to choose from (including Starbucks, Target, Amazon and Best Buy). I’m not sure about you buy my wallet is full of starbucks gift cards, and a few other stores. With Gyft you have the ability to upload physical gift cards so it’s always available for you, freeing up precious space in your wallet. I don’t want to be carting around a bulky wallet for me. I’m sure this is a popular feature, when using Gyft.

My favourite part is earning points on Gyft that you can redeem for more gift cards. Um, like I stated before – paying me to shop?! Thanks for existing, Gyft. By the way, Gyft (how many more times can I say that brands name?!) is running a promo right now until November 21, 2015. Purchase a $100 Best Buy gift card on Gyft and get a $10 savings code dropped in your Gyft Wallet.
Download Gyft now to try it out! Obviously no obligation, and no affiliate links are being used in my post. 
(Fill in the blank) Gift Basket
Put together a basket of sweet treats of what the receiver enjoys. Do they like beer or candy? Pick out some odd-ball beers/candy and put it into decorative basket and voila. What about a new-Mom basket? Have a beauty lover (like myself) on your hands? Go to Sephora and shop the aisles of travel sized beauty products and do the same. It’s an awesome idea if I do say so. I’d love to receive the latter, in case you were wondering. Who am I kidding… gimmie all the candy!
Have any other ideas? Leave them in the comments below. I need some more ideas for Christmas gifts this year!

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  1. I love these ideas! I feel like that Gyft app would be handy for me since I am buying gifts for people in that live so far away, gift cards are always a handy present to give via mail. I love the gift basket idea too :)

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