A new car for Christmas

A review car that is – hehe!

Haven’t really sat down to blog, or even instagram for that matter for what seems like weeks. I am really waiting for that nesting phase to it, but I also hear that it doesn’t come for everyone. Knowing my luck I won’t have it. All I do is sleep these days, it’s unreal! Sleep at night, fine – cool, but during the day I’ve been taking up to two naps. It’s crazy! I feel like I can’t get anything done.

Toyota loaned us the Rav 4 Hybrid over Christmas vacation. And let me tell ya, the higher the seat when pregnant, the better. At least, for me at this stage in the game. Getting in and out of my own personal car is difficult these days and I have to use the handle on the interior roof of the car to get in/out. It’s so strange to me, and I feel like I’m in someone else’s body (since I can’t do the things I normally can). Weird, hey?

We made a few trips to Ikea with the Toyota Rav 4, and even went to Costco to get a membership, so gallivantin’ about was our game-plan that whole Christmas week. And you know Alfie, as always, is the first lil’ dude in the car once it gets delivered. It’s a right of passage, and no one else can sit in it first, but him. The Ikea Haul + me 33/34 weeks preg:

It was our first Christmas being spent away from Newfoundland, Canada. So I tried to make it as special as possible, with some of the traditions I grew up with. Snack plates on Christmas Eve with a fireplace set and ready to go…. on the TV this time instead of the real deal. It was grand though! We had a time. Are you diggin’ the size of my huge slippers? They’re the best, we got’em from Ikea!

Regarding Alfie’s health, we have some surprisingly great news once again. We had always tried to be as optimistic as possible, but in late October our sweet pup had been given ‘days’ to live. Turns out the treatment is working better on him than we all thought possible, and his little intestinal tumors has shrunken down twice, since! The first time they shrunk, we were told he’s in partial remission.

Since he still continues to have treatment, I guess you can say he’s still in partial remission. But it’s so great to have our little guy gaining weight again (he was down close to 50% of his body weight), and acting himself and gobbling up tons of his food.

So I knew he’d enjoy adventuring about and not feeling so under the weather, when we had the Rav 4 for the week. Zipped him up in his Canadian winter coat (that mimics a Santa suit if I do say so) and off for adventures we went.

Thanks for the fun vehicle for the week, Toyota! We definitely enjoyed the Rav 4 Hybrid and took full advantage of its size, and it definitely pooped Alfie out going on all those adventures. Look at him napping in my arrrrrmmmssss!!!!

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